Sunday, May 15, 2005

Well, I thought you were a dick, so there's that.

A little weekend update before I hit the sheets...


Went to the salon and was made blonder and lovelier by my hairguy Dan. I'm not sure what the right term is for your hairguy these days? Hairdresser seems outdated, hairstylist just doesn't do him justice...hairguy it is. He knows how to do blonde up right, and he never takes too much off the ends. What more can you ask for? Well, for starters, I could ask the woman who brought her screaming 4 week old baby into the salon to either a) stay the fuck home with your baby or b) get a babysitter. For reals, yo. I go to the salon to get pampered, not to spend almost $200 listening to your kid show off how loud she can scream while you get your highlights done. I was like 2 seconds away from trying to outscream this kid when Dan begged me not to. And if hadn't of been for him, I swear, I would have taught that kid a new octave.

So, I get home and I don't feel so good. I had a headache (imagine that). Scott had poker plans, so I rented Garden State and bought assorted junk food and magazines. See, that's the deal. Scott goes out and plays poker and I spoil myself rotten. Seems to work well for both of us. Garden State was awesome, you must rent it (that's where the title quote it from). Like Adrianne, I would do away with them (titles) completely, but I can't, so I just use random entertaining shit. Other highlight of Saturday night was seeing Will Ferrell play cowbell when the Queens of the Stoneage played on SNL. Hah. Good stuff. More COWBELL!


Scott made me the best Scotty McMuffin - english muffin, $10 bacon, havarti cheese, and egg. Oh yes. It made my tummy sing. Then we went to Home Depot and the apathetic cashier chick only bothered to ring in half of our bags of dirt. Whatev...Home Depot supported Bush so we don't mind if we get some free dirtbags from the dirtbags. Then a fun afternoon of ripping out weeds and digging up stuff. Good times. Now, time to get ready for work...5 days until the long weekend and I get to see Jennifer! Woot! More drunken scrabble.


  1. Anonymous5:41 p.m.

    Next time Scotty McMuffin plans to go McOut and play McPoker, call me up. I will bring booze and thai and we will watch girl flicks. Or gay porn. Or CSI...whatevah.
    Also: I have to start saying "For reals, yo". It's very cool. At least in print. And now that I have the proper spelling, it may show up in my future correspondence. I may even put it on my resume (Bachelor of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier, For Reals, Yo). Word. Peace out.

  2. Will do - he usually goes out Friday nights...I think this weekend is cancelled due to the fact that his "boys" are going to be away for the weekend fishing, but after that it will be back on schedule I'm sure.