Sunday, May 22, 2005

We'll always have Paris.

Fishstick Hilton at Much Music in TorontoThere's something about May 2-4 weekend that is magical. The obvious thing about it is getting that extra day off, which doesn't suck at all. Then there is the weather, which usually comes together for at least a few nice days of sunshine. And it is always, bar none, social. We kicked off this weekend on Friday night with a visit from my bestfriend Jennifer. She appeared on our doorstep at 11pm - I was passed out on the couch (long day, beer + wine) and Scott was watching basketball. We chatted and fed Jennifer beer until about 1am and then called it a night. Saturday was pretty chilled out, though we did go to H&M and buy many stylish and relatively inexpensive items of clothing. I keep telling myself that the fact that my new linen kulottes were made in Cambodia and my sweet ass corduroy jacket was made in Bangladesh does not mean that H&M is taking advantage of cheap 3rd world labour, but who am I kidding?

Saturday night found us at the Rivoli for our friend Alex's 30th birthday party. We got to catch up with a bunch of friends we haven't seen in a while and as always the case with Alex, we met some interesting new people as well. Of particular note was Alex's friend "Alex". Hereby referred to as "French Alex" (he's from Quebec) to avoid confusion. I think we talked for over 2 hours straight (everything from why I shouldn't feel sorry for Britney Spears to heavy duty male vs. female psyche stuff to recent developments in Canadian politics). I bring it up only because it is a rare occurrence to hit it off with someone like that when you just meet them, and enjoy a conversation to the point that you don't want to get up to pee (even though you really have to) because you are so engaged in the banter. Scott teased me about it later, but I think he was just happy that as designated driver I remained sufficiently entertained for the evening that I didn't want to leave at 11:30pm (lest I turn into a pumpkin). We parted ways with Alex (both of them) and company at about 1am when they decided it was time to go dancing and I decided I was far too sober and my feet hurt. Sunday = gardening and more beer + wine, Monday = chillax.

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  1. Damn - summer colds suck. Won't be long though until you can enjoy having a couple of months off though...