Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You may have been a good smuggler, but now you're Bantha fodder.

American finally got it right and turfed that pompous fucker Scott Savol. I wanted to throw my beer at the TV screen when he started waddling towards the couch, praising the lord the whole way. You ass-hat. God has bigger problems than you (hard to believe, eh?). I'll give Anthony credit for knowing what's what and I loved the look on Scott Savol's face when Anthony whispered, "it isn't over, we aren't safe". At least he knows that their time is limited. He'll go next week, and he knows it. Happy Birthday dude - you're safe for now.

In my opinion, Carrie or Bo will win this thing. I think it is interesting how clear the psychographic split is with the final four:

Carrie Underwood - Country music fans all the way. Like Bo and Vonzelle, she has stayed true to her style throughout the competition, (Constantine's downfall).

Vonzell Solomon - R&B music fans all the way, plus the urban crowd. She reminds me of when Whitney first started her career (remember how nice and sincere and pure of heart she was?).

Bo Bice - Rock & Roll fans rejoice. I think it is pretty fabulous that he is a true rocker - drugs and all. He's the real deal, and should give Carrie some how-to-rock-the-mic-stand lessons.

Anthony Fedorov - Clay Aitken fans need something to listen to. Anthony looked like such a dirt bag in his jeans and t-shirt tonight. He'll have to pull off a miracle next week if he wants to stay in the competition.

On a final note, I think the group songs are extraordinarily awful. That rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" made me angry. It was like they were running through it for the first time - and the part where the ladies sang together proved that just because you can sing as a soloist does not mean you have the ears to sing in harmony. This is why instrumentalists look down on singers and think they are dumb. I should start a petition or something...


  1. The best season of American Idol: SEASON TWO.

    1. Ruben
    2. Clay
    3. Kimberley Locke (she spells her first name right)
    4. Trenyce
    5. Kimberley Caldwell
    6. Frenchie (remember her?)
    7. Ricky

    You see that? SEVEN STRONG PEOPLE, one show. These jiggas are messing the heck up! Oh my goodness! I haven't heard anybody from this season but from what you're telling me, everything's Wack with a Side of Cheese.

    Oh, and Clay's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (live version) is the best. EVER.

  2. ^ You're right. Usually every Tuesday, my brother and I comment about Season Two (seeing Anthony brings up memories of Clay) and the Ruben-Clay race was the most exciting thing at that time.

    Last year and this year, the finals were mostly a joke. Last year, Jasmine and John Stevens stayed around for so long. This year, Anthony is still in the running. Yeesh.

    Anyways, I was such a huge Carrie supporter at the start, but now she's worn off on me. She's either stabilized or, on some nights, regressed. Vonzell seems to be better and better every night. Her singing is on point and there's something about her when she sings that makes you watch her. I don't see Bo winning but he doesn't want to be stuck with an AI contract, anyways.

  3. Anonymous12:03 p.m.

    Have no idea how I found your blog, but it makes me smile and laugh almost every day. Thanks from Chicago and keep it up!

  4. I hate the group songs as fucking cheesy. Or what about that HORRENDOUS commercial they had at the beginning of the show last night with the idols. It's embarassing. There are many reasons I am embarassed to be American and this show is a blaring reminder of why. Seeing Bo sing those silly little lines makes me want to puke. We all know what lines he uis used to taking..hehehe

  5. The long haired rocker guy's gonna win, just because if Vonzell wins, Congress will call a hearing.

  6. Anonymous5:10 p.m.

    It's going to be CARRIE because it was always going to be Carrie. Simon fell in love with her at the original audition.
    My concern right now is Paula. Paula is going all Anne Heche and we are just watchin' it happen...

  7. Paula is definitely losing her shit...I feel kind of bad for her.