Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One of these things is not like the other.

And I'm not talking about Vonzelle, so hush. We're down to the final four y'all (yeeeeeeehawwwwww). Since my bestfriend Jennifer is teaching tonight (and missing American Idol AND The Amazing Race), I thought the least I could do is give a detailed recap, so here we go:

Country Set:
Carrie Underwood - If this category didn't favour Carrie, I'll eat my hat. She sang a terrific version of "Sin Wagon" (by my favourite country band - The Dixie Chicks). What she lacks in personality (do you really buy that she's mattress dancin' with anyone?...well, maybe Bo...) she makes up in voice. What's up with the wardrobe - did she borrow that shirt from Bo?

Bo Bice - He should have knocked this out of the park, but it was really mediocre. I didn't even catch the name of the song...whatev, it's country, and it was "meh". I liked his hair though...looks like a stylist gave him some goo for those pesky flyaway hairs...

Vonzell Solomon - I knew something was up when she sang the whole damn song flat and without any kind of emotion...I figured she was just super bummed that they were making her sing a Trisha Yearwood song ("How Do I Live Without You") but I think that Paula was trying to earn her the sympathy vote by asking "are you feeling okay today?" to which Vonzell replied "It's been a really stressful day..." [floodgates/tears ensue]. Okay, now I feel bad for her...awhh...I gotta cut her some slack. I think there is something going on, maybe family related?

Anthony Federov - Nice jean jacket ensemble dude. Scott called it when he said "he's just aggressively average". I wish he would learn how to gesture with more than his right hand (there's a joke there that I'm going to leave be...). I think he has a great career ahead of him singing Disney movie songs...in Russian, on the extended feature dvd. The best is that when he finished, it was so clear that none of the judges like him. Me neither!

Phili Set:
Carrie Underwood - I think that Simon was right and that the arrangement of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" was pretty weak. Regardless, she had no flow, and she sang like she was worried she was going to forget the words. It is obvious to me that most weeks she has been singing songs that she has known for a long time and is really comfortable with (ie - Sin Wagon). Not the case here, but the band kind of threw her under the bus with that shitass rendition.

Bo Bice - Dude knocked it out of the park on this one. I was too excited about how awesome he was to write down what he sang...but he can rock out and sing blues better than anyone on this show...he definitely positioned himself as the one to beat tonight.

Vonzell Solomon - Her dad must have come back stage at the break and helped cheer her up, because while she wasn't her usual chipper self, she still sounded great on "Don't Leave Me This Way" (you go girl!). I don't think any of us doubt that she can sing hella good, just a matter of if her fans get off their asses and call in and vote for her.

Anthony Federov
- I am totally not cool with that fact that he and Carrie both sang "If You Don't Know Me By Now". Lots of songs to choose from guys - wtf? Also, he got a way better arrangement, so that is not cool either. Simon nailed it when he said this guy has "no soul". Word. And if you were wondering which of these things is not like the other - it's Anthony. The rest have talent...him, not so much.


  1. Well that WAS the first thing that came to mind... "Vonzell's the only one with a deep tan left!!"

    For some reason I think this season is wack with a side of cheese. And I didn't have to watch one episode to prove this fact.

  2. Thanks Kat!

    I missed all of A.I. but made it home in time to see the last hour of The Amazing Race. I actually clapped when Uchenna and Joyce won! Hooray for the good guys! Suck it, Rob and Amber!


  3. Anonymous12:03 a.m.

    Uchenna actually begged with dignity (he thanked people who turned him down!)- and Joyce is the only girl I know who could take an unexpected head-shave with grace. They fricken rock! They wouldn't even go get their million bucks until their cabbie was paid(poo on Robunambuh who woulda left the guy high & dry). That was the best AR ending EVER. I, too, screamed with joy when they won. Go forth and make babies, you two.

  4. I was also screaming, clapping, and crying when Joyce and Uchenna won last night. They are such good people and I loved how supportive they were to each other for the whole race! I didn't know they were infertile until the very end, so it just made it all the better that they won! :)

  5. When did this become the Amazing Race blog?

  6. Hey Katress, was the Amazing Race on CBS or ABC?? What the... on the CBS website it has some other Black folk from last season. Chip and somebody else.

    What the...

  7. I don't watch the Amazing Race. I am sure there are people who do and there are likely blogs about it. Mine isn't one of them.

    Also, I totally called it on Anthony.

  8. tilabc, bobice has already had sex with his girlfriend and they are expecting a babybice sometime in the future. LOL @ peechee. will have to use that. LOL

  9. Sorry, sorry! I don't watch American Idol, so I was responding to someone whe talked about the Amazing Race!

  10. Well, this totally should be a blog about The Amazing Race because it is the best show on TV - Sorry AI fans. Uchenna and Joyce are two of the only reality TV stars with class and dignity.

    Although, I will somewhat guiltily admit that I do watch AI from time to time. I missed this weeks episode but my husbad informed me that Bo did indeed knock it out of the park with his second song of the night.