Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And then there were three.

This week the final three contestants on American Idol had to sing three songs each - a Clive Davis pick, their own pick, and a judge's pick. This is the only week they had a celebrity judge this season, which was good, because all of the previous celebrity judges were full of shit and just happy someone was singing their tunes. Clive knows his stuff and gave good feedback, so I'm okay with him as a judge (better than Paula who thinks everyone is the cat's ass). Anyway, I think I managed to capture it all (3 pages of notes holmes!), so here we go:

Round 1: Clive Davis' pick

Vonzell Solomon - I'll Never Love This Way Again
Our girl started out a little pitchy and never really solidified the notes. I think she was just nervous, which affected her support, which made her sing a bit flat and with low energy. She also pulled a Mariah Carey by starting the song at 95% and then blowing the doors off and ending at 150% (way too much). Thing is, she also got stuck with a very difficult song (harder than Bo and Carrie's) and going first has got to be rough. I agree with Clive that you can't sing this song with a whimsical twinkle in your eye (but she can't help it 'cause she's just so damn cute!).

Bo Bice - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Buddy started out SO STRONG. I was sitting there thinking, damn dude, you go! But as the song progressed, I felt like the arrangement went kind of Disney (what is with the synths and horn overkill?). Scott thinks he is overdoing it on the sunglasses...but he is kind of a rockstar, so I'll give him some slack. The judges are doing enough ball licking to please a neighbourhood of unneutered hounds (yes, we get it, you lurve him and you want him to win and you really believe he will win). Cripes almighty and there are still 7 more songs to go!

Carrie Underwood - Crying
In case you are wondering, she did the KD Lang version of the song and she sang it beautifully. This is probably the best vocal I have heard her do - she was believable and sincere. I don't agree with Clive and Simon that she should have done the octave jump at the end like Roy Orbison - they forget that he was a tenor - that may work in a guy's vocal range, but not in a woman's (not in that key anyway).

Round 1 Winner - Singing - Bo
Round 1 Winner - Performing - Bo

Round 2: Singer's pick

Vonzell Solomon - Chain of Fools
Baby V seemed a lot more comfortable singing this song. She worked the stage and sang a perfect vocal. I think most people don't get how hard that is to do because they usually hear studio recordings and "live" performances that are lipsynched. Don't kid yourself, Vonzell is a better singer than Beyonce or any other R&B singer her age who is currently on the charts. To sing this well, this consistently shows she has got the goods. I don't agree with Clive that she missed the "soulful essence" of the song, but whatev.

Bo Bice - Within A Dream
What a wanker. I totally hate it when singers get all full of themselves and decide to sing solo acapella. While it was certainly impactful, it would have been so much more musical if he had sang it with guitar or even just bass and drums. I don't think he ended in the same key he started and the ending kind of fell apart as well.

Carrie Underwood - Makin' Love Out of Nothing At All
Definitely the cheesiest song of the night - I think she was channeling Meatloaf...I am not sure what possessed her to pick this song - she certainly sang it powerfully. I didn't find it musical at all, but the judges liked it.

Round 2 Winner - Singing - Vonzell
Round 2 Winner - Performing - Bo (wank wank wank)

Round 3: Judge's pick

Vonzell Solomon - On the Radio (Simon)
I could watch Vonzell perform all night - she really is the most likeable contestant. This really is the type of music she should record. The transition from the beginning into the upbeat tempo was off, but otherwise, what's not to like?

Bo Bice - Satisfaction (Paula)
Scott and I are both tired of this song getting covered. What is with the cheesy porno/wedding song bass and Vegas horns? I think the band is punishing Bo for not using them in Round 2. He was so busy running around the stage that he didn't sing the "I can't get no" part of the song in tune - not even once. I am sure that the Stones are somewhere rolling their eyes...or is that a joint?

Carrie Underwood - Man I Feel Like a Woman (Randy)
This is a good song for her, but she sang it in the original key and it is too low for her. The band was way overpowering - which is too bad because I think for the most part she sang very well and had a lot of fun on stage.

Round 3 Winner - Singing - Carrie
Round 3 Winner - Performing - Bo

At this point in the competition there really aren't any bad singers left (except for the first season when that redhead rocker chick (Nicky?) made it into the top 3...that was a travesty). The judges are clearly rooting for Bo to win overall, and then Carrie in second place. I think Bo took the night overall (the best "Performer"), but Carrie is the best singer. Vonzell is the most likeable and one helluva a singer and therefore should not be discounted. American has been on the crack before, so it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.


  1. ^ Go AWAY Bo!! That's more like it. Guy can get a better deal somewhere else.

    Baby V, you rock! :D

  2. Yeah Nicki was from the first season...that redneck.

    Anyway, Clive Davis is THE MAN. He's not just an 'okay judge'. THE MAN, DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID THE MAAAAAAAAAAN!!! Shimz. Starting with Whitney Houston's career to Alicia Keys... this man's pretty much like Phil Jackson... leading Black folks to the promised land!!

    Is the blonde chick a powerhouse? I like to hear when white chicks can actually SING, and aren't on some Britney Spears shiznit. I have no time for such drivel. Kimberly Caldwell from season 2 (best season EVER) was a real powerhouse, guy. Like Taylor Dane. Remember her? You should.

    The comment about Vonzell being better than Beyonce, whoa guy. And I trust you, since you have a strong background in music... so I HAVE TO download some of these episodes. Meh. I've been so lazy. I ain't caring about the Idol whatnot anymore.

    So who's gonna take it all, homegirl?

  3. Yes, Carrie is a powerhouse. Kimberly Caldwell doesn't have 1/10 the talent of Carrie Underwood.

    Vonzell is definitely a better singer than Beyonce. Singing live is so revealing - and Vonzell nails it every time. When I am critical of her it is because I am putting her under a microscope. Beyonce's pitch is ALL OVER THE PLACE when she sings live. She uses those crazy vocal runs/gymnastics to hide it. I'm not knocking Beyonce, just that Vonzell is really talented and even if she doesn't win, I think she will do just fine.

  4. Anonymous12:46 p.m.

    If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Kat should have Paula's job on the judge's panel.


  5. ^ Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Apparently, Ms. Loopy Head is leaving next year to host her own dancing reality show.

  6. I love Vonzell, but they ain't gonna put her through to the next round. Paula and Randy have a hard-on for Bo and Simon has laid out the red carpet for Carrie.

    Meh I say... at least this is better than our piece of shit version. Is anyone really excited for Canadian Idol?

  7. ^ Very suspect. I don't remember her being that tall. Maybe's she's standing on something or has really high heels on...

  8. Ummm....ladies...Bo and Carrie are sitting down on the couch. She is not.

  9. So it was Vonz after all...ah well. It will be a battle of the white southerners next week. Yee hah.

  10. Man, they weren't going to let the sista through... I think the white dude's gonna win it all. A male of the Caucasian Persuasion hasn't taken the title yet (Clay was close, but Ruben woulda sat on him if he won, so he backed down, HAR).

    There's NO way Fantasia and Vonzell would be winners in a row, YOU KIDDING ME??

  11. There's something in the water down South that makes damn good singers.

    Kelly - Texas
    Ruben - Alabama
    Fantasia - North Carolina (pretty far south)
    Next Winner - Oklahoma or Alabama