Monday, May 02, 2005

Rule #62: A lady never changes her panties on the beach.

Oh Jenna. Did your dad never tell you that it is not proper to take off your underpants in public? I mean, if you aren't getting paid for it? And you are over the age of 2 years old (still in diapers)? I keep wondering to myself, why didn't you put your bottoms on when you put your top on (I am assuming in private, or else we'd have pictures of that too)? Regardless, Mondays consistently suck donkey bollocks, and today was maybe a bit worse as I may still be recovering from certain festivities already mentioned. But you made it better, you cheered me up. I love nothing better than silly stupid shit like this, I only wish that Usher or Clive Owen would also bare themselves like this with a shutterbug in their midst.

By the way - not sure if anyone mentioned this to you, but you are the fucking daughter of the President of the United States! That means you need to have some discretion...and you aren't fooling anyone with that white thong missy.


  1. Anonymous9:54 p.m.

    I'm fairly sure Clive Owen has bared every little bit of himself on film before. It was a movie long ago, with a really quite admireable amount of gratuitous sex and nudity. I don't know the name, but I think an artist's loft and incest were heavily involved.

  2. Not all the time, Big N. Some kids can't handle it and rebel.. like these two.

    Or some kids aren't allowed to rebel... like me... and hold it all inside and have heart attacks. Which I will probably have soon enough.

  3. she's not rebelling by changing her skivvies in public, she's displaying an alarming lack of discretion.

    my parents (particularly my mom) are uber conservative. and when i was younger, i know there were plenty o'times when mumsy damn near had an apoplexy from some of my antics.

    as i get older, i am more discreet. children develop their own personalities... they know the rules, and i'm sure good little jenna will grow up to pass on every ounce of proper upbringing to her children.

    i don't think what she did was necessarily a bad thing; rather, it just makes you wonder "what the...?"

  4. Oh my. Where on earth do you get these pictures anyway?
    That pic just gives me the creeps.

  5. Hahaha, what was she thinking?

  6. Anonymous2:18 p.m.

    Your blog is hilarious!

    I am laughing my ass off.

    Bush should be very proud of his daughter.

  7. It amazes me that people like this, who KNOW there are cameras everywhere, do these things. You have to wonder if she did it on purpose..the whole rebel thing.

  8. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Let's not forget that George Jr. in his younger days was a cocaine snorting, Air National Guard dodging frat boy. At least until he decided to get into politics and suddenly "found Jesus".

  9. S - I'm going to have to do some research...

    btw - did you guys notice that if you click on the picture you can see the whole enchilada?

    vw - I have my sources...

  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!! Picture number five had me screaming my eyes out.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!

    KAT! MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!!

    You know what... I DON'T know if that's Jenna Bush. I don't know what she even looks like (haven't seen an extreme closeup).

    When I first saw the pic on your blog I thought it was Kelly Clarkson.

  11. Ok... I don't know...I'm doubting it's her...I'm trying to find pictures that match this chick on the beach.
    I found this one...