Sunday, May 01, 2005

30 is the new 20 - Part 3.

Wow. Just wow. A girl really couldn't ask for a better 30th birthday party - where to begin? First off, you know it was a good party when you wake up to find your dining room wall covered in vodka. We partied so hard last night (we went to bed at 5:30am), that it is just now that I managed to get my head together to blog about it. And as rough as I felt today, it was totally worth it.
This is my party shirt
We had quite the turnout too - my sister Haschmo came up from Ithaca, and let's see….how many people were crammed in our house last night? Just short of 30…Raye and Cathy have already blogged about it. Lulu did in fact drink gin & juice (and she wore these fabulous gold shoes!) and Stephanie and Shane brought Charlotte (and didn't even mind when I yanked her socks off so I could examine her toes). Our friends totally spoiled us with gifts (our wine collection has been restocked, we now have killer shot glasses, gift certificates to Best Buy, Home Depot and The Keg, cocktail glasses…a dinner invitation, a Dave Chappelle dvd, a book by Roald Dahl for Scott and a sparkly K necklace for me). Also, Jen M. made her killer cheesy garlic artichoke dip. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have such wonderful and generous friends - we certainly don't deserve them.
The Burlington Boys
Highlights include meeting Chris's new girlfriend, holding Charlotte (she is SO TINY!), getting kissed by many many people (it was a very amorous evening), the wonderful chocolate cake we bought from Dominion, standing in my kitchen full of lovely, smart, fabulous women, doing shots with Dave, lending my nalgene bottle to Lulu and Chris for their train ride home (it may have been filled with Coke and JD), a deep drunken discussion with Haschmo, and finding out that my friend Jen J. was also celebrating her 30th birthday (how we have known each other for almost 7 years and not known that we have the exact same birthday is baffling). I am told I also baked cinnamon buns at 4am (pronounced "cimmamum buns" in my less than sober state).

I'm going to need to rest up because we have 2 more birthday parties this month and even though we are all getting old, we still know how to have a good time!

PS - my mom and Scott spoiled me terribly - from my folks I got a new purse for spring with a coordinating pink wallet, the Incredibles dvd, and a cookbook. Scott got me a gold and diamond horseshoe necklace that I pointed out to him months ago. I am a lucky girl.


  1. Woohoo! Invite me to the next one! :)

  2. You bet, just holla at us next time you're in the!

  3. Chris and I had a lot of fun! I think he ate over half of that dip.

  4. How was your "coke and JD dirtbag drink" on the way home?

  5. Sounds AND looks like you had a great time. As it should be. :)

  6. Sounds like a "kick ass" party. Is that what they say in the suburbs? hahahahaha. Which Dave Chappelle cd did you get? Was the cake excellente?

    Ok, i'm done with the questions. I'm happy you blew out 30 with all of your home slices..