Monday, May 09, 2005

Note to self on drinking beer in the sun.

Self, when you use gardening* in the sun for over two hours as an excuse to sit in thy neighbour's backyard and drink beers and maybe a (large) glass of wine (does it count if they force it on you and it is really expensive?) you may get a little dazed. Beer + wine + sun + gardening = one heck of a buzz**. Then, when you realize it is Sunday afternoon, and not only is your laundry not done, but you have no food for the upcoming week (gasp!) there is an important decision to be made:

a) Screw the food and the laundry - continue drinking away Mother's Day (hey - my Mom is in BC)
b) Grab the partially completed grocery list off the kitchen counter and get halfway to the grocery store before you realize that you are "totally buzzing dude!"

Anyway, domestic at heart, I chose b) and off I went to the grocery store. Hmmm...t-bone steaks...and one, no TWO bags of Neal Brother's cheese popcorn. Expensive cheese, 3 avocados in varying stages of ripeness (can one ever have enough?), forget staples like eggs and bread, and whoops - sorry about the milk with lactose Scott...

Staying true to my buzzing self, I packed the groceries into the trunk of my car and proceeded to SuuuuuuuusHI NIWA and ordered myself some takeout. I mean, groceries are nice and all, but you don't expect me to actually cook do you? After sucking back some green tea for about 10 minutes, my food was ready, so I drove home.

Note - a lot of you may be surprised to read that I was drinking beer. It isn't just any beer, it is Apricot Wheat beer from Ithaca...likely the only beer that I can consume large quantities of. And even though it is a beer with a fruit undertone, it is not nasty (Scott even likes it). So, if you are ever in the Fingerlakes area, pick me up a 2-4, will ya?

*gardening = ripping out weeds, digging up plants
**buzz not mean drunk or impaired, it means buzz


  1. Thanks for explaining that 'cause I was about to cuss you off for getting into a car after drinking.

    Wait...doesn't buzz mean the 'start' of a drunken stuptor?

    You have to explain... I don't indulge in the liquid demon and I don't know what it's like to be drunk.

  2. The buzz was off of the sun. I waited 'till I was sober before getting in the car.

  3. Yeah, another tipsy friend! heh heh.
    I HATE beer and Huz makes the stuff, which totally stinks up my house. But, if it tasted fruity, perhaps I could down it. hmmmm. "Huz, can you make me some fruit beer, please!?"
    (He was kind enough to find out how to make hard cider for me, though. Yum.)