Monday, August 19, 2013

the art of the 24-hour vacation.

Remember back in the day – before you had kids – when you could go away for a week or two, and all you had to worry about was finding someone to water your plants and feed your cat? Those days are a distant memory for parents. Going away without your children for any stretch of time is a challenge. For those of us with a child with special needs, it is nearly impossible. This is where the art of the 24-hour vacation comes in.

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  1. Your post is gone and says "account suspended"

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  6. You don’t even say! We have 3 kids currently (I hope we done with new one’s) they are Cassie, Seris and little Barik. Girls are 4-year-old twins and Barik will be 9 month soon. It’s so exhausted to be a parent, no one told us about that it will be like that. All the older people usually said something like: “it’s very hard to be a parent”. When you young, you just looking on them doing nothing beside their job and you might think:”They just f*cking lazy, or just don’t know how to be a good parent. I will show them!” And then when you are having your kids you realize how much they were right!

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