Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm still here - just pooped!

In case you were wondering...I haven't given up my blog, though not posting for over 3 months isn't a great sign is it? Where have I been? Busy. Working, chasing Max around, more working, more chasing. We're doing fine. Just that life takes over sometimes and it is hard enough to pick up the phone to call your best friend, let alone take the time to write. But I should write more, I've missed it. So, stay tuned, there will be more to come. In the mean time, here
is a pic of the kid. He's huge now. 17 months - running, carrying on, having very strong opinions and feeling free to express them. Sleeping through the night (bless his heart), down to one nap, fully recovered from his surgery in July and ready to conquer the world. He has settled in to a new, improved daycare, and is even sleeping on a cot like the other kids! Still working on the talking, but I think he's on the cusp. With that smile though, who can doubt he'll be a charmer.


  1. Anonymous7:57 p.m.

    Nice to see you online again, Kitty Kat. Oh, and The Kid looks awesome.

  2. Anonymous8:22 p.m.

    I've missed your blog a lot! Your baby looks like a little boy now. Amazing! Hope you write more soon.

  3. All that time, and just a little teaaser update ?!?!?! Just giving you shit..I know you are very busy these days. Hope all is well..looks like you ate well in Chicago !