Tuesday, April 11, 2006

38 weeks: Still no baby.

From Jennifer: Hang in there!I was going to post about how uncomfortable I am, how I'm not sleeping, I am completely emotional and hormonal and how I can't wait to have this baby already, but I got a bit of perspective tonight. One of my coworkers who was due at the end of July had her baby 3.5 months early today - he is less than 2 pounds. Sounds like he is okay, but he will be spending at least the next couple of months in the hospital. So, while I still hope to have this little boy sooner rather than later, I am very thankful that he will be fully baked when he arrives. If we could all send some strong healthy baby vibes to Amber's little boy Adam, that would be wonderful.

I am also very thankful for my bestfriend Jennifer who sent me these beautiful flowers today (the card says "Hang in there!"). On a day where I didn't think I would even have the energy to get dressed, she managed to put a smile on my face and helped me get motivated to go for a walk (I hear that helps get things moving at this point...). I have been remiss in not posting about her new book - truth me told I am still reading it so I wanted to finish it before I posted. This is her first of many I am sure and I am super proud of her.

I am taping American Idol tonight (who can resist a night of Queen?). I'll watch it tomorrow and post my review before the results show.


  1. I'm hoping to hear good news about how he is doing - it's just scary to even think about. I think Max is quite happy where he is right now and is going to stay put for a bit longer. As the nurse at my doctor's office said "those babies love it in there". Le sigh. Yes, but there is much more room for him on the outside of my belly! And I am tired of walking like a duck with ass problems.

  2. Actually, as near as I can tell, babies aren't really fully "baked" until they're around 5 or so. (that's years).

  3. Well, to quote PostHipChick, this little guy is not welcome at Chez Mama for that long. We are preparing for his departure by month's end ;-)

  4. Good baby vibes to both of you!!

  5. Anonymous12:03 a.m.

    I wanted to wish you good luck with the 'event that will change your life!' You'll do great and remember to do your kegels!