Monday, June 12, 2006

Sleeping 101: Still working on it.

Well. Sleeping between the time when the sun sets and rises still poses us some challenges. It truly is hit or miss with this little guy. I have no idea why some nights we manage to go to bed at 11pm and others we end up staying up until 6am. I guess it is just what life is like for a 7 week old baby (that's right - 7 weeks old!).

When Max does sleep, it is typically when the sun is shining. It can be kind of frustrating because I want him to sleep at night, so I can sleep at night, with the rest of the world! Ah well. This will work itself out eventually, right? Until then, please be patient.


  1. *waves*

    Hello Max! Hi! Hi!

    Aunty Soli is still here, crazy as ever, and still has your baby gift here. Man, she's really, REALLY tired but she's going to make it up to you, young one.

    Katress - I LOVE the second picture. Look at those eyes. He's so alert!
    I'll bet he will be an old soul. :)

  2. Anonymous7:57 a.m.

    I can't believe how big he's getting!!! So adorable. You seem to have lots of shots of him sleeping, but I'm guessing that's in the broad daylight, right?

    Well, by the time you get used to the night-shift life, he'll change his mind again, I'm sure. The joys of motherhood.

    7 weeks already - where does the time go?

    I'm due in December, and it's starting to creep up on me quickly.


  3. Great sleep book. "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child". You will be sleep deprived no more!

  4. We did much better last night. He slept in his crib from 11pm - 1am, then came to bed with me and stayed asleep after he ate. I think that since he is still so little, it is a bit early to be trying to implement schedules on him. We follow the same routine every night so that he will get used to "going to bed". Once he hits 12 weeks, if he still isn't sleeping regularly, then I'll start reading books. ;-)

  5. Anonymous5:56 p.m.

    aaaahahah that first pic with the striped outfit is perfect! he looks like he's posing with his hand on his chest. i love it! this is vera btw. i have to come by and see you and give him a pinchin' and smoochin'...and raid your booze cabinet since you are no longer using it
    muuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaah! ciao bella see you soon.

  6. Holly - yes the pics of him sleeping are during the day, the ones of him the middle of the night!

    Are you due in early December? Hopefully the summer isn't too hot where you are. The fall will go by fast for sure...then right before you are due, time stops moving.