Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cameron Elizabeth: 1 month old.

Dear Cameron,

I'm not sure where the last month went - it seemed to be made up of many long nights, yet it passed by in the blink of an eye. We are still getting to know each other, you and me, but I think we are off on the right foot. You are very sweet, and you show very well. What I mean by this is that you typically save your ever powerful wails for home, or even better, the car. In public, especially if I have you in my trusty hotsling, you are the model baby. Seriously, people stop me on the street and comment on how beautiful you are, what an amazing full head of hair you have, and how sweet you look. I thank them, then ask them to come over around midnight when you are screaming for yet MORE BOOBY, and you will surely be telling terrible tales about how I never feed you.

You will tell anyone who will listen about how you are starving, which really isn't accurate. I mean, at your 3 week appointment you had gained almost a whole pound in the previous 2 weeks, weighing in at 8 lbs, 4 ounces. Also, you grew 1.5 inches and measured in at 21.5 inches in length and have grown out of all your newborn sleepers already. You don't grow like that when you are starving. Your doctor even suggested that I *gasp* not feed you on demand and I make you wait 3 hours between feedings. Clearly he has not yet been blessed with the full force of your lusty wail.I don't want it to seem like all you do is cry, because for the most part - 90% of the time, you are very happy and cuddly. You love to be held, you love to sleep nuzzled up to me or your dad. You are starting to look around and notice your world. I like to think that your adamant cries are really just you being assertive and ensuring that you get what you need, and that we are all clear on what your want. Hmmmm...wonder where you got that from, eh?

You are the apple of my eye, and you have a very big fan club (many Facebook admirers). Your dad loves to cuddle you, all of your grandparents adore you, and your numerous aunts and uncles love you to pieces. Your brother Max is a bit jealous, and is not enjoying sharing me and your dad with you, but I think he'll come around eventually. Until he does, we'll play it cool, okay? He really is a nice boy when you get to know him.

I am trying to take in each day and enjoy it, and not let it slip by. You are growing like a weed and becoming more alert every day. I am looking forward to when your gassy smiles turn into full fledged grins, but don't get there too fast, okay? You are probably my last baby, so I am want to soak it all up. Before I know it you'll be big like your brother!


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