Monday, January 12, 2009

Max Update.

I realized the other day that the last post I put up seemed...well...I was exhausted, so what can I say? I am happy to report that we are doing much better in the sleep department here in the Fickle Feline household. My email friend Julie (of Mabel's Labels) was kind enough to tip me off to the fact that many kids with ASD do not produce enough melatonin so they have problems sleeping and staying asleep. I checked with some other mom's of kids with ASD and low and behold, yes, this is something they all of them are either using or have tried.

It would seem that this was the very thing dear Max needed to help him to sleep. We are experimenting with the dose and trying to see what works best for him. The interesting thing is that he is now falling asleep much faster and staying asleep, so he is waking up MUCH earlier and in a better mood overall. We like that he is staying asleep, and we are adjusting to the earlier wake time. I am also trying to get Cam used to sleeping more in her crib so that I can get a better rest.

Max is starting IBI therapy this week, and will have his second session with this new speech therapist. We are also getting him started with a new occupational therapist, so he will be one busy little dude. I am really excited about these new therapists and I am looking forward to reporting more progress for the little dude.

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