Friday, September 04, 2009

As Time Slides By.

This was one of those weeks where I couldn't keep track of the days, where I was supposed to be, or quite frankly, what my name was. As I'm fond of saying, "call me Bob, just call me". I was actually surprised when I realized that today was Friday. And while most people are thrilled it's a long weekend, for me, not so much. For me, Labour Day will be a day where Max will struggle because his usual routine has been interrupted. By Monday night, Scott and I will be relieved that we "get" to go back to work on Tuesday. I'm not proud of that, but you try 3 days at home with an Autistic 3 year old who is used to being in daycare all morning and therapy all afternoon, and you see if you aren't ready to say uncle by noon on Day One.

My Fall is filling up fast, and I feel like time is moving faster than I can process it. Max is having progress daily, which is wonderful. Cameron too (words!!, play, running, you name it, she's doing it). My work is awesome, full of new challenges, completely inspiring, and for the first time in my career, my work day flies by, every day. My "to do" list is so long I can't possibly get it done, I learn something new every day, and I have ultimate respect for each and every person I work with. And what I do matters. Most nights I fall into bed, already thinking about what the next day will bring. Now if I could just talk my kiddos to BOTH sleeping through the night, on the SAME night, that would be excellent.

I have a lot of people I owe phone calls and emails. I look at my message light beeping and think to myself, if it's really important, they'll call back, right? Not my norm at all, but an indication of where I'm at right now. So, things are good, but I need to find a moment to catch a breather and regroup. But not today...still work to do today...and tomorrow...

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