Sunday, November 08, 2009

November? Really?

When Fickle Feline gets quiet, you can safely assume that I am completely overwhelmed with life and just trying to hang on for the ride. I wish I could tell you I was out crusading against Autism, brunching with Dalton McGuinty to get him to see the light, but most days, I am just trying to keep my head above water and be a good mom. But I do need to update more, because there is a lot to say. I just prefer to be positive, so when I'm in a head space that is "cup is half empty" instead of my usual "cup is overflowing", I tend to get introverted and not want to put that negative energy out into the universe.

But... my kids did dress up for Halloween...

And there are a lot of good things to focus on:

- tomorrow I am going to get to meet a mom who brought her son to blueballoon after reading my blog.
- the trees in my neighborhood are beautiful (yellow and orange and red)
- Max is having a lot of progress in his therapy and starting to verbally request things without a visual prompt (huge!!)
- my custom Christmas cards have arrived and are ready for me to fill out and put in the mail (maybe that will help me get in the Christmas spirit?!)

More later - I promise not to take two weeks to update either!


  1. Carolyn10:32 p.m.

    May I make a suggestion regarding your postage for the annual xmas cards? Right now Canada Post has almost reached their goal for the fund raising campaign for the Mental Health Foundation. You can buy stamps at you local post office (or mine) that help support the foundation, who in turn helps support people with a number of mental disorders (including depression, and severe anxiety disorders.) A package of 10 stamps is $6.67 with the tax, with an extra $1 to the regular price of stamps ($5.67) that goes towards the foundation. I bought a number of these stamps for raptorman, and for the holiday season we all need a little mental health. ;)

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