Monday, December 05, 2005

Baby Blog: 20 Weeks & Half Way There.

Duck Duck Goose!I'm about to spill the beans on the whole boy/girl news so if you are one of those people that doesn't like to know these things before the big day, please avert your eyes.

We went for the 19 week ultrasound on Friday and (drum roll please) according to one ultrasound technician and two doctors, we have a beautiful bouncing baby BOY on the way. Funny, everyone was saying girl, but I had a feeling we were having a boy. Mother's instinct, I guess! Our little guys "equipment" got pointed out to us, but to be honest, I felt like Rachel on "Friends" where she nods and smiles and says that yes she can see everything and then bursts into tears and admits she actually sees nothing. I didn't cry, and I wasn't upset, but I have to say, outside of the baby's head, hands and legs, I had a hard time figuring out what exactly I was looking at. Scott guarantees that his son is "packing" though, and well, I guess that's that. To make matters complicated, our little guy would not stay still, and he was not staying in any kind of an ideal position for the tech to take her measurements. Ah well, I can already see that he is taking after his dad (stubborn!). Which means he'll also be late, so I can make plans after my due date with no worries.

Though Scott says he would have been happy either way, I think he is secretly thrilled that he is going to have a son. While the clothes may not be quite as cute as the sea of pink girl outfits, I think that boys definitely get better toys. Now that we know I can make some decisions about his room, which is already painted green (which is how it will stay). I'm not sure what kind of colour scheme I'll go with, but I know I'll stay away from any kind of Disney theme. Maybe trains, or lambs...we're half way there so I better make up my mind. Belly shots to come...


  1. Speaking of babies...we got a call from our friend Jen (of Jen and Brad) yesterday afternoon letting us know that she gave birth to a little girl yesterday morning. Welcome to the world little Maya! Jen sounded great and it sounds like she got to the hospital at 3am and Maya was born at 5am! And 11 days early!

  2. Of course, I would have been pleased with a girl but a BOY!!! YESSSS!!! That's what I'm talkin' bout LOL.

    (ha ha, all this excitement, you would have thought that *I* was having the chile!)

    I'll be sure to send something for the tot that will remind him he has a crazy-friend-of-his-parents out here in Western Canada! I'll think of something...

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  4. ^ Gah! Forgot a word.

    I found this article and was a bit worried at first. This can't happen to all women, can't it?

    Then I was at ease... celebrities are DUMB AS ROCKS even before having kids, so ha ha on them.

    And you, obviously, do not have rocks for brains.


    That is all.