Thursday, December 22, 2005

Couldn't we all use a little valium this time of year?

The happy pills come in many coloursMy cat Bossa is on valium. And assorted other medications to clear up a urinary tract infection and crystals in her urine. Apparently she is a little stressed out, so the vet felt it would be a good idea to help her calm down a bit to aid in her recovery. This seems unfair to me. I mean, I have never had that chance to take valium, and I've heard it's a wonderful drug! Ah well, Bossa has such a rough life, sleeping on our heating vent all day, looking for new and creative places to piss, I am sure she needs it. It is pretty funny to see her once the "happy drug" has kicked in, she really does look stoned. If she could smile, I think she would have a slightly bemused expression on her face. The holidays are a stressful time, so if she needs a little help to get through the next few weeks, then more power to her. This will be my first Christmas in years that I will not be able to drink/self-medicate, so I am wondering how I am going to hold up? What do you mean I can't spike my coffee Christmas morning?? And no wine with dinner to numb me to the yearly ritual of Scott and his brother claiming the turkey legs for themselves? Lord help me and Lord help you too!

Anyway, I am pretty much ready for the big day. My house is decorated and clean, shopping complete, gifts are wrapped, baking is done, cards long gone, errands run, so now the festivities can start. My folks arrive tonight and Scott and I are very excited to get to share Christmas with them on the actual holiday - the first time in seven years! It will be fun to see how our collective families mix with our different traditions. Scott and I are hosting Christmas dinner this year, for the first time ever, giving his mom a break from having to put a big meal on Christmas day. Luckily my mom will be here to steer the ship, otherwise I would be FREAKING OUT. She does make a kickass Christmas dinner (her sausage stuffing is famous in 50 states), so I am hoping mine will be 1/10th as good as hers.

The little guy has really gained strength this week, and is kicking up a storm (his favourite times are right after dinner and at bedtime). It really is a trip, having a human being growing inside you. The book I am reading says that at 22 weeks he is 8 inches long from crown to rump and weighs just over a pound. A pound? So, umm...what about this other 13 pounds? What is all that? No wonder I grunt like an old man when I get up and down, it's because I'm actually the size of a pie wagon. Gah! I think I am still getting used to the fact that I am not the slender young thing I used to be. Yesterday at the grocery store I tried to ease my way between two shopping carts and I got stuck. The lady next to me gave me a funny look, but smiled when I explained that I am 5 months pregnant and I have apparently not accepted my new found girth. In other news, I got my first unsolicited belly tap this week. An odd thing really, having someone you barely know reach out and touch your tummy. All this and it's my CAT WHO GETS THE VALIUM?? So unfair.


  1. Anonymous1:43 p.m.

    My little demons like to kick at bedtime as well. What's up with that??

    When you get an unsolicited belly grab, be sure to grab the F-wad's belly right back. I swore I'd do this, but I've been pretty lucky in not getting any unsolicited grabs, so I'm passing the torch to you.

  2. Please, please do something equally rude to those belly grabbers! I swore I would too and I never, ever did. I was pretty good at backing away whenever people got close though and any time anyone actually got through the pregnancy protection shield they were privy to my evil estrogen glare. The good news is that the evil estrogen glare continues even after you give birth. Those old ladies in the check-out line at Loblaws who swear THEIR babies never cried = evil estrogen glare.

    Merry Christmas! And happy stuffing!

  3. Funny post:)
    My dog gets valium when storms hit or fireworks.
    He's usually sitting pretty.