Sunday, July 23, 2006

Maxwell Hunter: 3 months old.

My dearest baby Max,

It's 10:20pm and you are 3 months old today. You are wide awake in the papoose, perched on my lap. We were doing really well with the whole sleep thing a few weeks ago, we maybe even had a pattern going...but that is but a distant memory now. At least we know the reason. The reason my dear Max, is that you are teething. That's right, you heard me. You, my 3 month old son, are teething. You don't think much of this and I am mildly horrified. Your Aunt Jenny says that you are a baby on fast forward and I have to agree. You are now is size 3 diapers, 6 months clothes, and last week you rolled over. And you didn't just roll over from your belly to your back (what normal babies do first), you rolled from your back to your belly. See, you are one extraordinary baby.

So back to the teething. Most babies get their bottom centre teeth in first. Not you little Max, you are getting a tooth on the bottom, right side of your mouth. And you are none too happy about this. The first night, it took your dumb parents a while to figure out what was going on. You cried and cried, and sucked on your hands and drooled. At about 3am your mom clued in, and then in desperation, I rubbed some whisky (just a drop!) on your gums. And that did the trick. You finally fell asleep, and thank gawd for that because I was about to drop from exhaustion. I felt a little bad about the whisky thing but your Grandma tells me that people have done this since the beginning of time. After that I stuck to Tempra drops which also seem to help. I just can't believe you are already getting teeth! What happened to my little baby boy?

I got a baby email newsletter last week that said babies at 3 months weigh up to 14 pounds and are up to 24.5 inches in length. You are over 15 pounds and about 25.5 inches in length. This week I went and bought a 6 month sleeper in the same bunny fabric as one of your 0-3 month sleepers. Kind of a desperate ploy to remind myself that you are still a baby, even if you are growing in front of my very eyes. Your baby chubs are getting so deep, I swear there must be a family of four living in your leg chubs. You should charge them rent as we could use the extra cash for your diapers.This month you have become very attentive. You watch everything around you and are very interested when your dad is talking (he is very animated and you seem to dig this). You are also finally interested in your toys, and you like to grab at them and kick at them. One of your favourite toys is your mirror (this proves that you are your father's son without a doubt). You also like your crib mobile, whoozit toy and the little bird that hangs from your chair. One thing we are relieved about is that you seem to have taken to your swing. I like to bring it into the kitchen and put you in it while I make dinner. We chat (you are also very vocal) and like magic you fall asleep right as we serve dinner. About a half hour later you wake with a start and you always look so surprised to be awake, you make your dad and I laugh. Then it is into the bath with you - this is a family affair as you are all wet and wiggly, and I need your dad's help. Your feet now hang over the edge of the tub, and you lay back and smile at us as we clean you all up. Your Grandma bought you a bathrobe that we put on you after we towel you off. We also rub lavender calming lotion on you and have a special lotion for your face. Just like your dad, you are a metrosexual at the ripe old age of 3 months. It can only get worse from here!Your dad and I like to take you out to show you off to our friends. You seem to like meeting new people and are very agreeable with letting other people hold you as long as you can see me or your dad. Max, you show very well, which makes us laugh because people probably think that you never ever cry or fuss. But we know the truth little man - and you do sometimes cry and sometimes fuss. Your secret is safe with us though - we don't mind them thinking you are a perfectly behaved baby...more babysitters for us that way.When you are a teenager, the pictures I will bring out to embarrass you are the ones of you and your BGF (best girlfriend) Maya. You see her just about every week and even though she likes to suck on your toes and gnaw on your cheeks, you are really warming up to her. She is a sweet girl and it makes her mom Jen and me smile to see you two scope eachother out. It's fun to see you talk and smile at eachother too and I am so glad that we have friends with babies because not only do you have little buddies, I have someone to talk to about everything that is going on, whether it be about you, your dad, or just how I'm coping with having a wonderful not so little baby boy.This month we took you to Sick Kid's Hospital to get you checked out. Turns out your right kidney might need a bit of help as you have an extra tube going from your kidney to your bladder. You'll be okay, you are a sturdy little dude and I have no doubt that everything will be fine. It still makes me worry though because, well, I'm your mom and that is part of my job. The other part of my job is to love you, and I can guarantee I am fulfilling that part of my job with flying colours. In fact, even though I don't think it's possible, each morning I wake up and you have grown a bit more, and I love you just a little more too.


PS: I forgot to mention that one of the sweetest things you do now is that when your dad comes to bed, you reach out in your sleep so that you are touching him. That way you can feel both of us and then you smile contentedly. All those people who say that cosleeping is bad can kiss my butt. Seeing you so secure and happy, sleeping so peacefully is what keeps me going when I am exhausted. The other thing I forgot to mention is that your favourite game is the "boop beep-beep bonk ding" game where we touch your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and they make sounds. Your ears also go "a-woo-ga" (Maya's dad Brad came up with "a-woo-ga") and your belly button goes "waka-waka-waka". We always get a big grin out of you from this game.

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  1. So sweet!

    Wanna hear something crazy? A friend of my family had a baby boy 8 weeks ago and he is 16 pounds already!!!! My little string bean was 9 MONTHS before she hit that weight. I'll never get over just how different babies are from one another.

  2. Anonymous11:23 a.m.

    Wow - what a lovely post. Time really flies quickly - where did 3 months go?

    I can't believe he's rolling over and teething already. My goodness. You'd better be prepared for him to start running in a few short months!

    The pictures, as always, are too cute!

    I can't wait until my baby's here!


  3. Kat, he's adorable no matter how big he is! :) HUGS to the CHUBS!

  4. He is so precious.. that first picture .. ack... so
    You are looking great as well !
    Glad to hear he is progressing adn growing like crazy. I too am amazed at the different sizes of babies. I have been going to a drop in class in my community for moms (to be) and babies and there are two 4 month olds in there that have to be 10 lbs difference in weight.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! A picture of him REALLY smiling!

    That made my day. :)

  6. THO KEWT!

    (so cute. spoken with a lisp, because that's how damn frigging cute he is).

    THO KEWT! : )

  7. Oh my god he's going to smile at me this weekend when I visit and it's going to make me explode.

    Aunt Jenny

  8. It's a good thing he is so cute...he didn't look that cute at 3:30am last night when he was up gnawing on his hand, teething away. Love this kid but would love some sleep too...

  9. Anonymous6:51 p.m.

    Hey Kat, I'm so enjoying reading about the fabulous time you're having with Max despite the all nighters. You're an inspirational woman.


  10. max looks so cute in his hoodie. he looks like a boxer! where did you put his gloves???

    it looks like he is starting to like the camera