Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Week in Pictures.

Solitaire was saying that she hadn't seen a picture of Max smiling yet. It isn't that he doesn't smile, he smiles a lot, but he gets very serious when he sees the camera. I managed to snap this pic earlier in the week. It is a bit out of focus so we will keep trying.
Max had another playdate with his girlfriend Maya this week. Scott loves this pic because Max looks so suspicious of the proceedings. He's looking at Jen like "Lady, WHAT is going on here?".
Canada day started out with Scott and Max sleeping in and Mom taking advantage of this by sneaking out bed for some tea. I couldn't resist getting a pic of my two dudes in bed.
Later on Canada Day Max and I had a nap. Apparently Scott found us equally irrisistable. We were late to his folks' place because he couldn't bear to wake us up.
This is Max in his super cute Baby Gap outfit that his Uncle Dan bought him. See, it's a good thing Max has family and friends that will buy him all of these super cute clothes. His mom and dad are too cheap to spend that kind of cash on something he'll wear for a total of 2 months.

On Sunday we went out to Aurora to visit Stephanie, Shane and Charlotte. They hadn't seen Max since he was a week old and they could not believe how big he is now. Charlotte is pretty much the cutest little girl ever. She is very ladylike (crosses her legs, eats very delicately). She also has an eye for Scott which is super cute as she was very interested in keeping track of what he was up to at all times.
Last but not least, Max has finally taken to his swing. He didn't like it too much in previous weeks, but now he thinks it is okay. I love how he has his toes all spread out. We had to take him out after about twenty minutes because he got mad that he could not reach the bears so he could eat them.

Keep your eyes peeled for my first non-baby related blog in...forever. Rockstar Supernova starts tomorrow and you know I'm going to be watching that trainwreck.


  1. Ahh, he's so sweet, how could you ever resist posting so many pictures of him. And this stage passes too quick, so enjoy it! take care

  2. I love the suspicious photo! This kid is going to be a handful when he starts walking and talking.

  3. He's lookin' good! :)
    Love the nap pic of you and Max - you're holding hands!! :)

  4. Hooray for Little Man!! :)

    We had to take him out after about twenty minutes because he got mad that he could not reach the bears so he could eat them

    I cracked up at that. Poor Max.

    He looks so much like Scotta!

  5. Anonymous8:19 a.m.

    What a beautiful smile! It must make your heart melt everyday.

    The suspicious photo is hilarious!!!