Thursday, May 05, 2011

how i got my ass handed to me at bikram yoga.

Having completed a round of P90X just last month, I like to think I am "in shape". Sure I am still chasing a flat tummy and slimmer hips, but really, I am fairly confident that I can tackle most physical challenges thrown my way.  That was until I went to my first bikram yoga class at Bikram Yoga Oakville.

I got my ass handed to me.

I started the class feeling a little cocky. The instructor told me that since this was my first class to take it at about 40%. Right. Whatever. I started out okay, keeping up with the postures. But then it got hard. I did my best to keep going but eventually came to the realization that there was a reason for the 40% rule. I laid down on my mat and focused on breathing through my nose, and tried to calm my racing heart. And I sweat. My dog did I sweat.

I made it through the class (barely).  The feeling of relief when I got out of the studio was incredible.  Quite a rush! The instructor (Dann) and I spoke about the class for a bit.  He told me that one of his first instructors had said that the people who need to be in the class most are the ones who are struggling with something, not the ones who are executing every posture perfectly. Also, that bikram yoga is an individual practice. It doesn't matter what someone else is doing - it only matters what I am doing. Good thoughts to apply to life in general, really.

One of my favourite things about this studio is that it is a really large open space.  While other studios have cramped facilities, these change rooms are huge with lots of showers so you don't have to wait to freshen up after class. If you live in the area you should check it out. They have an intro 10 days for $10 offer that gives you a chance to take some classes and see if you want to sign up for a membership. Also - they are having an open house this Friday night so if you are free, swing by and say hi to Dann! I'm thinking of going to tomorrow's 9:30am class if anyone wants to join me.


  1. I might just have to join you, Cat! it's been years since I dusted of the old yoga mat! And the part being it's individual, it's just amazing to reacquaint yourslf with your own breathing. I walked out of there so relaxed and calm, it was unbelievable!

  2. There truly IS nothing like it. Thinking about going tomorrow morning. Depends on how much work I get done tonight!

  3. It is so amazing how good can be for us, so incredible that with only knowing how to proper breath, one can achieve some amazing things.