Friday, May 27, 2011

the best day of my life was not the last day of my life.

The two best days of my life were the days my children were born. Nothing compares to the excitement, the nerves, the anticipation and the miracle of birth. I never worried about my life being in danger. I took for granted that I would go to the hospital, get an epidural, push for a bit and have my babies. This is a privileged perspective.

Every 90 seconds, a mother dies from pregnancy-related causes. Without access to the proper resources, technology and knowledge, this horrific epidemic will continue. It’s time for moms around the world to leverage the power of social media to stand together in the fight against maternal mortality. With enough signatures, we can get the US Congress to set aside funding for maternal issues. That’s it. Your voice is all we need. And there is no bigger voice than the sisterhood of motherhood.

Sign the petition here.

THE END EVENT Twitter Party
May 31st, 2011
8-9:30 PM EST

GOAL: 100,000 signatures on the petition
Use hashtags: #moms4moms #seetheEnd

Did you know?

  • One maternal death every 90 seconds.
  • In the US, 2 women die each day from a pregnancy-related complication.
  • Globally, 100 women die each day in pregnancy/childbirth
  • 15% of all pregnancies result in complications during labor and delivery and sometimes are fatal.
  • We have the knowledge to prevent 90% of all maternal deaths.

Actress, Olivia Wild, Jeffrey Sacks, and Russell James will hosting a live streamed event on the 23rd as well. Moms4Moms will be there hosting the twitter party right from the event, as well as with the Moms4Moms hosts listed below.

Over the past month, I have been  partnering with the following influential moms/dads bloggers to raise awareness about maternal mortality: Holly Pavlika -, Erica Diamond -, Audrey McClelland -, Molly Gold -, Beth Feldman -, Niri Jaganath, Katja Presnal -, Kelly Loubet -, Julie Cole -, Linda Grant -, Dagmar Bleasdale Dagmar's momsense, Adam Cohen -, Holly Fink -, CC Chapman -, and Ted Rubin -


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