Saturday, September 10, 2011

90 day challenge update.

I started my 90 day challenge on August 16th by changing up my nutrition. Between supplements cutting out the junk, and eating better, I've lost 5 pounds. I also started P90X again, which has given me a boost. Until this past week that is. I'm not sure if it was the whole back to school thing or what, but this week was tough! I managed to stay pretty much on track diet wise, but my workouts suffered. I guess you can't always nail it, eh? So, back on track starting today! I had a shakeology for breakfast, some blueberries for a snack, and I'm in the process of doing some healthy menu planning for tonight (thinking steak and salad).

In other news, my mom decided to join the 90 day challenge with me, and she is down 4 pounds in under 2 weeks! Nice! I asked her how she liked it and she told me that she finds it is working well - especially because there aren't a lot of healthy eating options at work. She makes her shake at home and then has it for lunch. I'm guessing she's saving some money too. Every time you step foot in the cafeteria it's at least $8. I'm looking forward to getting out to Vancouver in a couple of weeks to see how good she's looking.


Exercise: P90X workout

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