Thursday, February 16, 2012

a chain of flowers.

My mom and dad are in town for a quick visit from the west coast this week. Since she is the one who nurtured my love for the arts, I really wanted her to come to my weekly painting class. It's rare for us to get time where it's just the two of us, so getting a couple of hours with her was a special treat. There was something soothing about getting to sit with my mom, create, have quiet conversation, laugh at the terrible muzak being piped through the store, and share in the learning experience. As you can see, we have very similar styles. And neither of us completed our paintings (all that quiet conversation, I suppose). I only wish she lived closer so we could go together every week.


  1. Daniel just walked up and asked who you guys were. I told him and he said "those are beautiful pictures they made, they are artists !" I thought that might make you smile. So innocent and honest these guys..kills me !

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