Monday, March 26, 2012

max update: even with autism, the kid's got game.

Max has had an incredible week. And yes, I know he looks terribly unhappy in this photo, but it has more to do with me attempting to take his picture than anything else. This is his first day of spring hat that he made at senior kindergarten, and he wore it all morning with a big grin on his face. The moment I put my phone away the smile returned. Thanks kid.

Where to begin? Max had his first gymnastics class this past week. His therapist, Wendy, accompanied him. He blew me away with how well he did. While there was a lot going on around him, he managed to to stay focussed on what is group was doing and to also follow his coach's instructions. Wendy definitely got a workout helping him stay on task, but by the end, she was able to step back a bit as he started to fall into the routine. For the rest of the week, anytime we mentioned gymnastics Max got a huge grin on his face. I can't wait to see how he does next week!
Max and I also ate out at a restaurant for the first time. My favourite Mexican place, California Burrito, was a hit with him because he got a big bowl of chips to munch on while I ate my lunch. He did terrific and I can't wait to take him back again. Funny thing was, it was an impromptu visit. I had ordered my lunch to go, and Max decided he wanted to stay and eat his chips. So we did - and we'll continue to do so!

We're also working on teaching Max to ask questions. Instead of stating "Mommy, I want chips" I now prompt him to say "Mommy, can I have chips please?". I started this on Friday and by Saturday he had it down pat. His comprehensive language skills also continue to blow my mind (with him immediately following instructions like "Sit up straight" and "Sit on your bum").

The last thing I have to report on is Max's playground pick-up skills. Apparently, he likes to sit at the top of the big slide and wait for another child to slide down with him. But, he will only slide down with the girls - the boys are on their own. I'm told he favours a certain white-blonde haired little girl who is in his class. Kid has game and he's not even six yet.

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