Saturday, June 04, 2005

Drop it like it's hott.

Now, that's HOTT!Some weeks are so jam packed with action you know you will need the next week to recover. The combination of the beautiful weather and lack of anything worth watching on TV has pulled me out of my shell and kicked any remaining winter blues to the curb.

Sunday - Scott and I went and checked out our good friend Alex's band The Free Press at the Rivoli. Gotta be honest, I was a little nervous about hearing them because I wasn't sure what I would say if they sucked. Good news, not only did they not suck, they were really excellent. Great vocals (all of these guys can sing), tight playing, and I'll be damned if they didn't rock their asses off - on a Sunday night to boot.

Monday - A bit of a right off (pretty standard for Mondays...)

Tuesday - Scott was on the radio (his star is rising folks and I am all about grabbing onto those coattails). I visited my friend Alana and checked out her new house, kickass flooring and all.

Wednesday - We met up with our crazy and bodacious friends Brandie and Vera at Fionn MacCool's for a comedy show. Comedy show didn't end up starting until way late, so we bailed before it got underway, but it was terrific to get caught up with them. They threw my bachelorette party last August and I am still recovering. It is a good thing I was too inebriated to remember half the stuff I did...I'm sure it would make me blush.

Thursday - Low key night for me, I watched the Miami/Detroit game (GO PISTONS!), Scott played darts with his buddy Michael.

- Low key night for both of us - I drank half a glass of wine and then passed out on the couch while Scott watched his new Dave Chappelle Season 2 dvd and woke me up with his explosive hooting and hollering.

Saturday - Just about to go to lunch with the family and then over to our friends Dave and Jen to test out their brand spankin' new bbq....gotta love summer.


  1. Why was Scotty on the radio? I can't believe I missed his bit debut! Details...

  2. He was on AOL webradio...their sports show. I'll get the clip from Scott and post it for everyone.

  3. Hey, my Scott bought the Dave Chapelle season 2 DVD this week too and was hooting and hollering about it as well!


  4. Anonymous5:17 p.m.

    Kat flatters me. It was a five-minute interview on a show called Sports Bloggers Live. If you want to hear it, one of my forum-dwellers isolated my segment as an mp3: Click here.


  5. that dvd is the holy grail of 21st century comedy. there, i've said it.

  6. Anonymous10:04 p.m.

    The blogfather. I love it. Almost as good as "the dude."