Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summer-babe related difficulties.

beautiful bitchezSo, I am feeling so uncreative right now, that I stole that title straight out of the Mincemeat Vixen's blog...and according to Jennifer, that's a straight rip from Pavement. Yeah, I know, I'm a bad person. Seriously though, this hot weather is making me a bit mental, unmotivated, and generally lazy. I predict this will end some time in mid September when the weather returns to shit.

So, summer thoughts....

Has anyone else noticed that people who drive 300 series BMWs drive like assholes? They must be making up for their small dinks.

Dinks is such an insulting term for penis's, ain't it? Love that.

I just found out on Friday that someone in a position of power in my life drives...wait for it...a green mini-van. This is unsurprisingly fitting, given the person.

I am such a bad friend, that my bestfriend wrote me an email today asking why I wasn't returning her calls and was I pissed at her. Hardly...I think I was passed out on Sunday when she called me...note to self...again...on the consumption of white wine in the sun.

Jessica Alba just really needs to pose for Playboy already. Love that.

Summer love or lust or whatever is short, intense and fleeting. Don't miss that.

I told Christopherr that the NBA finals would be San Antonio vs. Detroit and he was all "No way, it's gonna be Phoenix vs. Miami". WRONG. San Antonio will win it in 6 games. Thanks for coming out. While he is rooting for the Spurs, I am all about Detroit, even though Larry Brown is an ass-hat.


  1. Yeah, I love it when he sings "keep my address to yourself" in another song that my heat-addled brain can't remember the title of. I like to think about Stephen Malkmus giving me his address and me keeping it to myself.


  2. your're right.

    spurs in 6. but with that said, i bet the pistons will now win.

  3. not a fan of either teams i wanted to see a spurs / heat final but now with the heat wave kicked in full force in the tdot i gonna have to stay in and root on them spurs... i say spurs in 6 as well

  4. It's been a while since I read something with the word "dink" in it.

    Jessica Alba definitely needs to be in Playboy. She was smokin' in Sin City.