Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cameron Elizabeth: 4 months old.

My dearest baby Cameron,

This post is coming more than a week late because we both got sick with colds and have been recovering for the past week. Actually, you got the cold first, and then you gave it to me (if we're going to be exact for historical reasons). Regardless, we are on the road to recovery and about to embark on our 2nd Official Girls Only Road trip tomorrow, because that's what big girls do.
This past month has brought about many new changes. You have been on a growth spurt, or should I say weight gain spurt? This past month you packed on almost a pound and a half, landing you at 13 lbs, 5 ounces on September 2nd. An interesting note is that I weighed 13 lbs, 6 ounces on September 2nd, 1975, and since we have the same birthday, that's pretty much right on target! You didn't grow in length this month, but that's okay - the nurse says that everything is just evening out. We have had to delay your 4 month vaccination because you have been sick, but not to worry, we'll get that in next week (not that I'm looking forward to it). I get very sad when you cry after you get your needles. You look at the doctor like "What did I do to deserve that? I'm just a sweet little baby, you mean old jerk!".
Cameron, you have smiles for miles, and you grin all the time. You also have a little laugh that comes out when you are especially happy - usually at bath time or when you get tickled under the chin. Sometimes you get to have baths with me, and you really like that. It's all your favourite things at once - bath, booby, and mommy and daddy both paying 100% attention to you.

Whenever you get a little sad, you are easily appeased with a rendition of "I'm a Little Teapot". You also like to listen when I tell your big brother Max stories. You sit up straight and get a big smile on your face and look very attentive. I am glad you like stories like your brother, as we seem to be reading A LOT of books right now.

This month you graduated to your exosaucer. This is a fantastic thing as you always prefer to be standing up, and I get tired of holding you up in my lap all the time. You sit/stand in your exosaucer and hang out with me while I'm in the kitchen, cooking dinner, or eating breakfast. We'll have to figure out how to fit it into the car for our trip to Ottawa as I don't think either of us can live without it.

You love your toes - you hold onto them and look at me like "Hey, where did these awesome things come from?". You also like sucking on your woozit toy, and any shoulder you can get your little mouth on. Most days your dad's shirt is soaked through by the time he gets ready for bed. He doesn't seem to mind though, he thinks it is kind of funny.
Cameron, you are one good baby - everybody says so! You have an easy demeanor, and you don't mind taking a bottle at all. On your 4 month birthday, your dad and I went away for a whole night to celebrate our anniversary. You stayed with your Aunt Christine in Toronto (I think you got the cold from all the partying you two did). From what she reported, all you did was sleep, eat, and shop. I hear you went to Yorkville and Holt Renfrew. Sounds very fancy, little lady, or "Miss Muffin" as Christine likes to call you. You also slept all through the night, without waking up. haven't done that for me in a while. I think you have been holding out on me. Or maybe it's that you are sleeping next to your favourite restaurant. Who wouldn't want to wake up for a snack?
Speaking of snacks - when you get hungry, and a little tired, you start talking in this little raspy voice of yours that cracks me up. You are not to be ignored, and if you are made to wait, you get progressively louder until the noise in my head makes me feel like I will fall over if I don't pick you up and feed you. I swear, you babies know all the tricks to get your mommies to be at your beck and call. If it isn't your round cheeks that I can't stop kissing, the sound of your voice makes me feel like I need to drop everything immediately to see what you need. You make my day, every day. Your dad and I are very much in love with you, and we can't get enough cuddles and kisses in, so you will have to forgive us if you get tired of all that. Your curly brown hair and hazel eyes (they changed this month!) make you look so much like your dad, I can't help but smile when I see you in his arms. I am looking forward to seeing what this next month will bring.


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