Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Can See Russia From My House.

As if I don't have enough going on to drive me to distraction, the upcoming election in the US is making me feel fairly unbuttoned. And by "unbuttoned", I mean, seething, foaming at the mouth, climbing the walls, scratching my eyes out/ears bleeding, crazy. I despise that McCain (or whoever has their hand up his ass and is pulling the puppet strings) chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Holy shit - could they find someone more insulting to women? What exactly are they saying about the American people that they think picking her is going to help them win? I keep hoping she will self-destruct, but it is clear to me now that she can do no wrong. Even when she is caught lying about earmarks or it comes out that she made sure rape victims were charged for their own rape kits, Republicans keep singing her praises. Even my older brother (who has a PhD in Particle Physics) is going to vote for her. I can't even stand to listen to the rhetoric on CNN about this election. Have Americans not had enough of this government over the past 8 years? Have they learned nothing? I guess only time will tell. Let's hope they figure out that doing more of the same will not result in a different result.

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  1. Not all of us American women are dumb enough to vote for Palin just because she has a uterus, at least I hope so.