Monday, September 15, 2008

Wontcha Come 'Round.

Cameron and I made it home safe and sound from our Ladies Only Weekend in Ottawa visiting Jennifer. It was terrific to get a block of time to catch up with Jennifer (usually we have less time and more kids to contend with). Also, there is something good about being out of your own environment for a few days. I felt more relaxed and didn't have the constant "to do" list running like a ticker tape through the back of my head.

On our first night, we hung out in the kitchen for much of the evening, chatting, eating, and more chatting. Jennifer cooked a fantastic Japanese meal for us (I friggin' LOVE her cooking), and was very patient as I unloaded every little thought in my head (as I am apt to do when presented with an opportunity to talk with an adult). One of the things I really appreciate Jennifer is that she has been there for the entire back story, so she knows when I say something, how I'll likely feel about it and why. I don't have to go into great depth for her to get the gist of it. We also have a very relaxed way of spending time together. It usually involves good food, hanging out, and the odd shopping errand. Turns out this also works well for babies. Cameron was a good sport all weekend. She was very interested in her new surroundings, and especially liked Jennifer's dog Sasha. Sasha wasn't really sure what she thought of Cameron sleeping in her bed, but was very tolerant (she even let Cameron hold onto her tail). Twice I came into the bedroom to find Sasha curled up at the end of the bed, careful not to disturb Cameron. With any other animal that would have made me incredibly nervous, but not Sasha. She is the sweetest lady dog I have ever met.

Jennifer's neighbour is a musician by the name of Andrea Simms Karp, and while I didn't get to meet her, I did download her new album off of itunes. Cameron and I listened to it twice on the way home and all I have to say is "wow". Check her out on her website and if you dig it, I highly recommend buying a copy. I'm hoping she comes to Toronto at some point so I can hear her live. Max and Scott were very pleased to see us return. I was exhausted (driving 5 hours straight with 2 short booby breaks is a long haul, especially when being serenaded by a baby who doesn't care that the next rest stop is not for 38km when she wants booby now!). We're right back into the swing of things though and from the look of this week's schedule, it's another busy one.


  1. Hopefully we'll get to meet next time! You have the world's cutest baby!

  2. Awh thanks - you have the world's cutest bf!

  3. Gee thanks... I picked him out myself. :)