Friday, June 03, 2011

cooking up a storm for team maxwell.

Last night we held a fundraiser for Team Maxwell at my friend Tracy's house. It was a Pampered Chef party - 25% of the proceeds will go to Team Maxwell for the Autism Speaks Walk on June 26th. Tracy's daughter, Allie, was the sous chef for the evening and did a wonderful job assisting Christine with the Chicken Jerk Nachos she made (super yummy).

The "in person" turnout last night was kind of low, so I'm really hoping that all of the people who have expressed interest in buying something online will do so. You can place orders until June 5th, so don't delay - go order it, and remember it's win-win. You get some awesome kitchen equipment and you will also be supporting Team Maxwell! Doesn't that make you feel spendy?

Remember to enter the host name as "Team" (first name) and "Maxwell" (last name). 

Thanks in advance everyone! I hope you will help us reach our fundraising goal!

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