Friday, June 24, 2011

where my walk for autism sponsors at?

We are in the final stretch before the walk for autism on this Sunday! As you can see, I am very excited about our team shirts this year (a big BIG thank you to, the Team Maxwell sponsor).

Now, a lot of folks have said they were going to sponsor Max for the walk, but have not had the chance/time to do so yet. It would be super great if you took 2 minutes and made your pledge for the little guy. Your support means so much to me and Scott - really! And if you didn't get your t-shirt from us last year, let us know! We still have 'em!! Also - thank you to everyone who has already sponsored us - you rock!

The walk is on Sunday morning at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto. If you are going to walk with us, please register for the team and let me know so I can email you the meet up deets and bring you one of this year's kick ass team shirts. Let's make this a record year for Team Maxwell!

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