Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day: rain check.

Father's Day chez Carefoot has been a bit of a washout. Scott has been quite ill for the past week and was not up to our usual festivities (swimming and barbecue over at Nana and Bumpa's house). Instead we played it low key with a promise to reschedule once he feels better. But being sick didn't stop him from pushing the kids on the swings this afternoon. I took the opportunity to get out my camera to take some photos. This is one of my favourite Max pics to date!
Truth be told, I find Father's Day quite challenging. Sure, it's a celebration of dads. But it's a celebration of the "ideal" dad, not the relationships full of strife, the baggage, the disappointment. I have many father figures in my life that I look up to and I am grateful for having them in my life, with not a matching strand of DNA to be found. I think there is always the hope that the relationship that causes the most hurt and sadness will magically be repaired, washing away the lifetime of let downs. Of course, this is not to be. I suppose there is always next year.
The thing that heals that rift in my heart, is seeing my children, and how much they love their dad. Scott is a terrific dad to Max and Cameron, and it is my belief that they will grow up enjoying Father's Day and celebrating it full throttle. We'll try again next weekend - hopefully Scott will be feeling better by then! Happy Father's Day Scott!

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  1. Caroline7:42 p.m.

    Life is messy. Parenting's hit and miss a lot of the time. Idealised "Fathers'Day" stuff is sorta like the UberChristmas we see depicted in the TV shows, ads and movies. Try not to measure yourself or your life against those so-called "ideals" becaue they're a giant-ass lie, aimed at increasing your guilt spending. Instead, celebrate what you love about the people you love, in the real lif you live, even if it dosn't fit into a Hallmark card. Life's messy -- get some on ya!