Thursday, August 02, 2012

helping your child with autism make friends: matt & max.

This past week was a tough one. Max was sick with a wicked summer cold. His behaviour went sideways and he tested all of us with his whining, squealing and shrieking. I was fairly certain Matt was going to tell me he'd had enough and would be back once Max was back to his old self. But Matt stuck it out and once again blew me away with his maturity and patience.

Here is Matt's week 4 update: 
This week was a little bit more difficult than other weeks. Since Max was sick he had become more irritable and his way of conveying these feelings were by yelling more often and louder. This was hard for me because he also would start getting upset at things, and when I removed the thing that made him upset he got upset again. This was lose-lose situation. Other than that we went to the park for the first time together. He seems to have an infinite amount of energy when surrounded by climbable objects. So other than him not feeling well, it was still a successful week with Max.

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  1. Haven't been here so long! (on your blog). I think I am in love with missing teeth Max :D

    Its so cool to see he found a teenage buddy. Those are really hard to come by.

    Have a great school year Max!