Wednesday, August 08, 2012

beachbody ultimate reset: final results!

We have completed the BeachBody Ultimate Reset! It wasn't always easy, but we did it and wow do we ever have awesome results to prove how hard we worked! I lost 16 pounds and 15 inches total - 3 off of my waist and 6 off of my hips. Tracy lost 8 pounds and 15 inches total - 2 off of her waist and 3 off of her hips. The thing that I loved the most was that throughout the 21 days, I felt very calm and centred. I didn't have to take medication for my anxiety once, which blows my mind. The depression that has been plaguing me for the last 18 months has also lifted significantly. My skin has cleared up, my PMS symptoms were non-existent and my energy was through the roof. And by through the roof I mean, I repainted my dining room, refinished my dining room cabinets and table, and cleaned out my entire garage so that I can put my new Ford Escape in there this winter. I'm not kidding, it was bananas.

My before & after photos:

What's next for us? Tracy is ready to start P90X and Shakeology next week. I am also starting Shakeology again and will be starting P90X2 at the end of the month once I get back from visiting my folks in BC. Until then I will be mixing up some hot yoga and Insanity to get me back in the swing of things. Would I recommend the Ultimate Reset to everyone I know? Absolutely! And if you want to do it, let me know because I just became a BeachBody coach, so if you order your BeachBody products through me you are also helping contribute to my son Max's autism therapy!

Tracy's before and after photos: