Monday, August 13, 2012

helping your child with autism make friends: matt & max.

How is it already the middle of August? We've had an awesome summer so far and Matt and Max have really been through a lot together - including Max being sick and out of sorts and treating Matt to an assortment of annoying behaviours. Lucky for Max - and me - Matt has taken it all in stride.

Here is Matt's latest update:

This week was a balanced week. After getting over his cold, Max has become calmer and less irritable so it was quite an easy first half of the week. However, with his recovery of one problem another arrived. His new teeth have begun to come in which I can imagine wouldn't feel too good. This led to him deliberately doing things he wasn't supposed to because he needed an outlet for his frustrations. He has also become quite taken with music. Every time he gets upset I can put on his children's music CD and he calms right down. This was a good week with Max.

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