Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush takes responsibility for government's failure to respond to Katrina.

We're back, it's Tuesday, I'm tired. Nice update, eh? Seriously dude. I am taping Rockstar, so I will update tomorrow. We all knew Jordis was going home last week (I watched that from Nassau). This week I'm thinking Suzie, so the final 3 will be a battle of the balls. Thoughts?


  1. Welcome back, Katrina the person...you were missed! And it has been so sad to see your name used to represent something so horrific, this past couple of weeks (Katrina the Hurricane).

    But still, it has been intriguing to see the headline "The Aftermath of Katrina" so often. Don't we all have an aftermath, sometimes?

  2. oh my god - i can't wait for your rockstar review! its SO good tonight. the roller coaster continued and i'm such a fair-weather fan. hmmmmm....

  3. Welcome back ! can't wait to hear about Sandals !