Thursday, September 01, 2005

2 More Sleeps Until Bahamas.

By Saturday afternoon, Scott and I will be lounging around this pool, drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas and pineapple skewers. Oh, I’m not excited, I’m over the moon (downright levitated in fact)! These days are payback from Sandals for turfing us early from our honeymoon due to Hurricane Ivan. Not that we were complaining about leaving a day early (after nine days of lying about, drinking and eating, we were ready to go home). Plus, the idea of being on a tiny island in the middle of a hurricane was significantly unappealing. We are hoping that we have more luck on this trip (which will be shorter) and that there won’t be any more hurricanes, at least not this week coming up. I am expecting our cat Bossa will leave a big turd on day four of our absence, likely in our front entry way to let our neighbours (who have agreed to come in every day to feed the girls) know just how unhappy she is that we are not home. It should be noted that if we were home, all she would do is ignore us, but it is the fact that we won’t be at home for her to ignore that upsets her. Samba will get very lonely while we are gone, but I think being at home is less stressful for her than being at a kennel. Plus, I’m planning on going to the pet store to buy her a new plastic spring to play with. Ugh. I’m already feeling guilty about leaving and we’ll only be gone for five nights!.


  1. Thanks :) We are really looking forward to it. Weather looks not so great right now, but this time of year, it seems that the islands get some rain in the afternoon and it usually blows over within an hour or so.

    I know a ton of people who have been the Mayan Riviera in the last couple of years and they have LOVED it, so I am sure you have a great time.

  2. Anonymous11:39 p.m.

    Three words:

    En. Vi. Ous!

    Have a great vacation, oh Kat. :)