Friday, September 23, 2005

The falling leaves, drift by my window.

Yeah For Fall!

Fall is my favourite season. I think it is partly due to the weather (cool, crisp air, turning leaves) and also the lead up to the holidays. The overly hot summer of 2005 is finally over and while it is back to business in a certain sense, the warm up to hibernation mode has also kicked in. New episodes of my favourite tv shows have finally started (I have recorded this week's O.C. and ER for the weekend). I can wear my turtle necks and jeans in comfort along with my wool striped socks. Flannel sheets are just around the corner, along with an extra duvet (much to Scott's chagrin). There are leaves to rake, which is good exercise but not as awful as shovelling snow. My cat Samba likes it because soon it will be cool enough at night that we will turn the ceiling fan in our bedroom off (it scares her). My cat Bossa hates it because it means it will be too windy for her to hang out on the back deck (it scares her). I'm not sure where Scott stands on it - I think in a sense he's happy because basketball season will be starting soon (5.5 weeks and counting) and he won't have to mow the lawn anymore. We also have our dateversary on October 24th (though we have agreed that this more a nice evening out than a card/present type of event). I know we have a trip to Ottawa planned (lots of beautiful/turning trees there) and maybe a trip to Ithaca as well. See, it's the most wonderful time of the year, it really is.


  1. Anonymous12:27 p.m.

    I heart autumn! :)

    Great photo btw. (as usual.)


  2. I love the cooler weather too ..and the hub hates the flannel sheets and extra comforter!! Love the winter clothes too.

  3. I wish my favorite season would start down here! It's still frikin' 90 degrees. Grrrr. I want my "Sweater and a Mocha" weather!!!!

  4. You're coming to Ottawa? Cool! Let me know when you plan on coming up.