Monday, January 16, 2006

Baby Blog: 26 weeks and counting.

26 weeks and feelin' fine...I mean, phatGoodbye second trimester, hello tired legs, swollen feet, sore back, and all of the other wonderful parts of the final 14 weeks of pregnancy. This weekend I asked Scott to help roll me out of bed. Pride has been placed firmly on the backburner. My wedding band no longer fits my swollen fingers so I look like a single woman. A knocked up single woman...I'm sure the fellas will be lining up for my phone number.

Good news is that Scott and I finished up the baby registry this past weekend. Stephanie was kind enough to look at it for me and give me the rundown on things that I should add (fun baby toys!), things that I really don't need (baby food warmer), and things she will lend us (baby swing, baby bumble seat). I figured a new mom like her would be a good person to ask as it is fresh in her mind and I figured right. We tested out a stroller to make sure that I can open and close it with one hand (check) and that the baby seat rocks when placed on the floor (check). We also finally settled on the nursery bedding, and it looks like if we have a theme, the theme is monkeys. Somewhat appropriate if you know Scott. The little guy has taken up World Cup Soccer practice in my belly - practices start at 11pm every night, in case you wanted to attend. It really is quite a spectacle, my belly lurches from side to side. I am actually reduced to "navel gazing" as I see him kick and roll around. I also managed to start clearing out the nursery (formally the empty "storage/junk" room). I made a good dent in it...more work still to come once I figure out where to put the stuff that I didn't throw out.
Bossa and me having a nap
I was emailing with my friend Lulu this morning and I said that I can already tell that the baby is going to take after Scott. Hence my prediction that he will be born after his due date and he will be a total night owl. She said that she has noticed a trend where the first born is a lot like the father. She is a first born and she said that the older she gets, the more she realizes she is like her dad (who, turns out, "is a cool dude so it's all good"). I am not at all like my birth father, so I don't share in this experience. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this trend? I expect our son will be a ball of energy, be smarter than his own good, have a bit of a mouth on him, and will give me a run for my money every chance he gets. Just like his dad. And Scott's folks will sit back and laugh their asses off, because they will know exactly what we are going through, having already been through it.


  1. First, I have to say this. Your belly is so cute!

    Second, I'm the first born in my family, and I'm a lot like my dad. And it's funny, I didn't realize how much until I was an adult. I've discovered that there are weird little things we both like that we've never even discussed.

  2. Anonymous9:48 p.m.

    See that pretty belly? That's my grandbaby!


  3. First of all...



    I'm first born and like my mum through and through. And for the record Lisa's little Elliot is EXACTLY like her, so you never know. My Scott is also the first born and more like his mom than his dad.


  4. KAT! you are getting so big! thats awesome!

    i am the first born in my family, and from what ppl tell me, i look more like my mom. so if lulu gave you that insight, i suggest not to listen to her. ;)

    and monkeys are a good choice - the lil guy is going to love it.

    hope to see you guys soon!

  5. Anonymous7:29 p.m.

    Wow - you look amazing!!!! What a great photo!

    I think I'd have to agree with lulu on the first born being like dad thing - I'm a first born, and I'm a chip off the ol' block - no question.

  6. GFY Chris. You can GFY and then GTH.

    Kat: Belly is adorable and monkeys are fitting, considering that the Max is going to be mini-Scott!

  7. Lol Lulu - you are too funny ;)

    Thanks for all the great belly feedback's only getting bigger from here. Sigh.

    I am a lot like my mom, so who knows about this firstborn theory? Go figure.

  8. As a first born, I have to say that I do take after my Dad in a lot of ways. Although, I think time is slowly turning me into my Mother - which is generally a good thing. My younger brother and I have always been like oil and water but after spending the holidays together this year we realized that we are actually TOO alike. So, who the hell really knows?

    I am sure that your little monkey will get the best of both you and Scott.

  9. i don't know what is specifically so beautiful about pregnant women...but they are. you look awesome.

  10. Hello my friend! As always, looking wonderful. You took the belly shot! A hahahaha. You're brave...if I were pregnant (God forbid) I wouldn't have any guts to do it.
    I'm glad you have stuff on the registry still. I'M SO EXCITED!!!


  11. I'm first born and I'm like my Daddy! Yayyyyy! :D

    I miss him dearly. And I miss you two nuts as well. No Raptor games makes me want to cry. :(

  12. My sister (the first born) is totally like my dad.

    I am very scarily like my mom.

    I can't believe you went with monkeys instead of Star Trek. ;)

    Seriously, Kat, there's a BABY in your BELLY! Freaks me out. Total miracle.

  13. You look great and I love the sleeping with the cat photo! :)
    Cute monkies too!