Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baby Blog: The honeymoon is over.

The belle of the New Year's ball - Maya
While it may be 2 more weeks until the 3rd trimester starts, let me tell you, the 2nd trimester honeymoon that you hear about? It's over. See, the theory is that the 2nd trimester is the fun time, when you no longer feel exhausted/nauseous/bloated and you aren't yet huge/sore/unable to sleep. After buying 3 pairs of "larger" pants this week, waking up every half hour because my hips ache, a new found love of all things tums/gaviscon/zantac, and my ever sexy strut/waddle I can honestly say that I am a bit worried about the next 16 weeks. I mean, it's not going to get any better until the little guy is born. In fact, it's going to get worse.

Scott has been a trooper. Over the holidays my crankiness increased 10-fold, culminating with me in tears at 4pm on Christmas day telling him "I haven't sat down since we got home and I am exhausted!". He steered me towards bed and told me to take a nap and not to worry. So I did. The other day he asked me "did you ever imagine it would be this hard?" and I told him "it's something that people tell you and you nod and think you get it because you are so focused on the end result of having a baby." But you can't possibly understand just how hard it really is until you are in it. The thing that has been really tough this week (besides coming back to work after being off for over a week) is that I wake up tired and worn out. My bones are tired. My brain is fuzzy. And I can't have any coffee to pull it all together. I also miss diet coke. A lot. I'm not proud.

Aside from all of my physical complaints, I am getting excited about the arrival of our little guy. I am going to order the nursery furniture this weekend. His room is painted, so we just need to empty it out, put some child safe blinds up and get the carpets cleaned. I even set up a baby registry at There has been some disagreement on the theme of the room. I would like to do "lambs" and Scott, while he has no suggestions, is saying "no lambs!". His theory is that they won't have much staying power. I know, doesn't make much sense to me either, I mean, once the kid is 2 or so he will be moving into a big boy room and will be able to choose his own decorating, or at least help select between trains/planes/whatever it is that little boys like. Anyway, suggestions are welcome. I don't want anything macho though, so monster trucks are out!


  1. I find screaming clowns are always soothing to a young mind. Didn't hurt me any.

    woO hoO WOo Hoo WOO HOO woo HOO haha!

  2. My vote is always for lambs or ducks. I have no idea why. I have a strange affinity for both. Genderless and cute yet without the potential for the mind fu*$ery offered by clowns.

  3. Anonymous4:04 p.m.

    I sympathize greatly with your discomfort. :( Seen many a pregnant friend struggle through. It's doable! Just remember that it is finite. You'll feel right as rain in a few months! (And you'll have a new lil' guy.)

    I recommend space / rockets / saturns, etc. But then I am a nerd. :)

    And what is wrong with lambs? [shrug]


  4. How 'bout cats? :)
    Or plaid patterns? Or kites?

  5. Anonymous8:26 p.m.

    I favour lambs dribbling little basketballs, wearing Raptors uniforms.


  6. Lol. MB - if you could make something with lambs in raptors uniforms dribbling basketballs we just might sway Scott.

    He said he would go for kitties, maybe ducks. But he is firmly opposed to lambs. I think I just need to take him to BabiesRUs or something and we will pick the bedding together. Maybe bears will rule the day!

  7. Anonymous1:00 a.m.

    Humbly, I suggest:
    - Noah's Ark
    - Vintage Winnie the Pooh
    - Alphabets and Numbers
    - Farm stuff
    - Space
    - Geometric shapes
    - Transportation (Cars, trucks, buses)
    - Maps
    - Zoo animals

    Or, just for kicks, why dontcha do a wine theme? Ya know, grapes and stuff. Good cabernets. Just to see how many relatives FREAK. Just kidding. I would go with space.
    xx - A.

  8. Anonymous10:51 a.m.

    I think it's so cool that you and I are going through the exact same things at the exact same time. Hang in there lady!

  9. I second the vote for Pooh.

    Never enough Pooh, I say!

    Alternatively, do various shades of blue and yellow stripes. Guaranteed to be cute, match with boy stuff AND baby stuff and not gross out a kid as they become conscious of what's around them.

  10. On second thought, you should make the baby's room look like the bridge of the Enterprise.

    You'll be the envy of everyone in my family.

  11. KATRESS!!! I just saw this, why didn't you tell a sista??
    I hope there's still something left on the registry!!

  12. Not to worry Soli - I just activated it - I don't think anything has been taken off it yet ;-)