Thursday, January 26, 2006

My ass is gone.

Booty-booty, woot-woot!Much to my dismay, I have fallen victim to "pregnant-lady-flat-butt" syndrome. Seriously, my ass is gone. I'm not really sure where it went either. It used to be a nice apple bottom, not too big, not too small, with a nice curve. But it is gone, and I am sad. Maybe it has reincarnated itself in the form of our new Prime Minister. That's got to be it. Though my ass was firmer and more useful than this doughy zealot we now call our leader. Admittedly, both have been known to be full of shit. By the way, I'm not saying my ass was as fine as the fine lady's ass in this picture (Scott wishes). But it does illustrate my point while offering you some eye candy.

It seems that the majority of my blogger friends are tremendously unhappy with the election results. I think they could have been far worse and there were some interesting outcomes. Notably, the NDP picked up some seats, Olivia Chow won in Trinity-Spadina (go Olivia!), Belinda Stronach retained her seat in Aurora, and Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver wisely blocked the Conservatives from even winning one seat in the biggest cities in Canada. How you like that Stevo? Not one of the major urban centres in Canada supports you.

This brings me to another point - the name Steve. Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I don't think I've ever met a Steve I could trust. They have all had that used car salesmen thing going for them. That's just my personal experience mind you, and our new PM only helps me build my case. I can't stand him, he makes my skin crawl. I doubt we'll have to deal with him for more than a couple of years and hopefully he isn't able to take back same sex marriage while he is in office. As a new-mom-to-be I sure am happy about that $100 a month though - that's going to go really far towards my $800+ monthly daycare costs. Heck, maybe I should just quit my job and stay home and pop out a bunch of kids. $100 is sure a strong incentive. Not.


  1. See, I KNEW I was going to stick my foot in my mouth on that, uh, everyone but guys named Steve who live on islands off the coast of BC. How's that.

    Also - holy crap - congratulations!!! You DO have a lot to think about :-)

  2. I hope belly sure is getting big!

  3. Ummmm... Do you remember my belly? I'll never forget Scott's face when he saw me last year for Superbowl Sunday. I think he thought I was going to drop the baby on your living room floor!

    On a sad note, I had no butt before the baby and I have even less of one now.

  4. Oh and the old wives tale wasn't true for me. I was all belly and all girl.

  5. Tila - maybe you will bet magical-bodacious-pregnancy-butt-syndrome. It could happen!

    Jennifer - Congrats to you too! Sorry I missed your post on your blog - so July, eh?? 2006 is not the year of the dog, it is the year of the baby!

  6. Anonymous2:12 p.m.

    The bum is gone? Oh no, girl!! You gotta get that back and keep on representing for the melanin-deficient sistas with junketh in the trunkeths.

    If I were still in On-terrible, I would have voted Conservative. I did so out here, where the Tories are tres tres popular. I couldn't do the Liberal thing again. I think Paul Martin as a person is a wonderful man, but he wasn't respecting my religious beliefs. Then he had NERVE to talk 'bout the notwithstanding clause. BUN HIM AND HIM MUDDA!!

  7. Anonymous12:07 a.m.

    Hey Katrina!! I LOVE reading your blog -- everything from pregnancy to Stephen Harper, and it's all hilarious! (you've always been able to make my guts ache from laughing -- ever since we were roomies almost TEN years ago -- can you believe it??!!)

    Anyway, yeah the election could have been much worse ... you know, as an anglo living in Quebec I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kind of glad the Bloc is around, as stupid as they are for being a federal party -- they'll defend all the gay couples, pot-smokers, $7/day child care and all the other things that make Quebec so fabulous! (yup, $7/day will get you daycare -- you can't even get beer & popcorn for that!). Vive le Quebec! (except for the mullets and cheezy hard-rock)

    So, baby's about to make his grand entrance! Wow ... well, to comment on your earlier posting, I am the firstborn in my family, and I am EXACTLY like my dad. I even LOOK exactly like him. My best friend (hadn't seen him for many years) saw him in a restaurant in Edmonton and thought to herself "hey, it's Vanessa, but it's a man. That must be Len" sure enough ... so lucky for you that you dig your little guy's father!