Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am a cranky cranky be-atch.

There, I said it. 12 weeks to go, and cranky preggo fever has taken full force. Seriously, if you can please me, you should win a prize as I am a humourless, hyper-emotional, bloated, breeding be-atch. Between almost breaking down in tears at my doctor's office (what DO YOU MEAN you can't do my gestational diabetes test here?!!) and scowling at the sales lady at Thyme Maternity for telling me my breasts "weren't THAT big" (yes but they weigh about 10 pounds each), I am a real treat. Poor Scott. He took this picture of me at Alana's birthday party on Saturday and I tearfully accused him of not only of lacking any photography skills whatsoever, but also suggested that he should KNOW BETTER than to take a picture of me from the side. So, no more pictures of the fat pregnant lady with multiple chins. Unless I get to select my "best side" which is likely when I am standing behind something larger than me (like an NFL linebacker or my fridge).
She doesn't look a day over 25!Anyway, I did manage to muster up some smiles for dear Alana's belated 25th birthday party on Saturday. I conned Adam, Marcy and Alana into coming to Oakville (I don't travel well with the constant need to pee) for the evening. I sweet talked Scott into making his killer lasagne, volun-told Adam to provide appetizers, and even got Alana to bring a salad (to her own birthday party nonetheless!). I am good, eh? I did actually contribute something - I made her a birthday cake from scratch. This is the first birthday cake I have EVER made from scratch (I always thought that a store bought cake or mix was just as good). Apparently I was dead wrong - while homemade may not be as pretty, it does in fact taste much better. I used this Carrot Cake recipe from Canadian Living - the only change I made was to make it a layer cake so I decreased the time to 28 minutes and increased the icing by 50%.

A few news updates:
1. If you think that 2006 is the year of the Dog, you are wrong. 2006 is the year of the baby. Please welcome Domestic Goddess & TilaBC to the group of impending mommies. Babies are the new Pink!

The watch list now includes:
Melanoma Uberalis
Domestic Goddess
TilaBC/What Have I Done?

Anyone want to take bets on who is next? Through My Lens is turning 30 and has been making baby noises recently... Dooce has even made a few suspicious comments...guess only time will tell. 2. Bossa is now fully on the road to recovery (seen here making sweet sweet love to Marcy's purse). She is now a svelte 10.5 pounds, feeling much better, and no longer peeing outside her litter box or wiping her shit ass on our carpet (much to Scott's relief). Good thing, because we are out of money. Put it this way - we spent so much on her this past month that the vet sent us a "certificate of appreciation for taking such good care of Bossa". The fine print reads "and for paying my mortgage this month". It's not like we are trying to save our money or anything. Sigh.


  1. hahaha! I HAVE been making baby noises of late, haven't I!? :)
    We're not officially trying until this summer, so stay tuned! Then (hopefully) I will join the ranks of you soon-to-be-mommies and turn my blog into a sore nipple blog, much to SOME people's chagrin! :)

  2. Anonymous1:35 p.m.

    The parallels, the parallels! Just amazing. I got the photos from my shower last night and am HORRIFIED at the multiple chins in EVERY picture. Good Grief. Plus, I have the big 3 hr gestational diabetes test tomorrow. Ack.

    Hey - don't forget to add Dogs Steal Yarn and Poor Miss Finch to your list of preggos!

  3. Anonymous2:15 p.m.

    I'll be damned if you catch me pregnant! How, through immaculate coneption? That only happened once, and ONLY once! LOL!!

    Hope all is well. Did you keep the monkey motif for RaptorBaby's room?

    That ring-o toy thing you have on the registry is LYVE. I had one when I was un bebe (hard to believe).

    Take care!
    P.S. Will email you and Scotta my new address...new apartment time! :o)

  4. miss info - damn straight! I am making a person!

    tila - I found the 1st trimester felt really long because if you aren't telling everyone right away, it's this big secret you have and it is ALL you are thinking about. The 2nd trimester flew by though, because you don't feel so bad. Sorry about the pooping thing...or lack there of. That has just kicked in for me.

    VW - Not **officially** trying? What does that mean? Lol...

    melanie - sounds like we are on the same track. Will you be delivering the twins early?

    soli - We are doing subtle monkey stuff in the nursery, but don't want it to be overwhelming...looking forward to hearing about your new place!

  5. Um, it means I'm still on the pill until this summer! :)

  6. Okay ;-)

    Thanks for the clarification. I have another friend who is "not officially trying" but also "not doing anything to stop it from happening" either...lol - they are just leaving it up to the powers that be I guess!