Monday, February 06, 2006


Janet - we miss you much!One thing I never seem to learn is that booking every spare moment of my weekend is not a good idea. I always think that "ah, it's no big deal, it'll be fun", but really, the weekend requires that at least one day be an empty sacred day of do-nothingness. If you don't get at least that one day, then you end up exhausted on Monday morning, feeling more tired than you were on Friday night. Not an ideal way to start the work week.

That's not to say we didn't have a good time this weekend. We got in a birthday dinner on Friday night and a brunch on Sunday morning with Scott's family, dinner with Jen and Brad and 8-week old baby Maya on Saturday, and we also put together a small last minute gathering for Superbowl on Sunday night. It was great to catch up with Shane and Stephanie and their 10 month old daughter Charlotte. Also in attendance were Cathy and Alex, who always add to a good time. Scott served up a mess of wings, pizza, chips/dip and I made the ever popular Skor cookies. They all drank beer, I drank...milk. Have I mentioned I am REALLY looking forward to being able to enjoy a nice glass of wine once this baby of mine is born?

The Superbowl was typical in that the actual game is never really all that good. Shane agreed with me that the Indianapolis/Pittsburgh game leading up to the Superbowl was much more exciting. The half time show with the Rolling Stones was crap - I miss Janet Jackson and her bejewelled ta-tas. I can't believe the powers that be beeped out the word "cock" from the song "Rough Justice" (One time you were my baby chicken / Now you've grown into a fox / Once upon a time I was your little rooster / But am I just one of your cocks). Jessica Simpson can strut around half naked trying to seduce a teenage boy, but a they won't let an old geezer like Mick Jagger say the world "cock"? Whatevs.

In other news, I have noticed that people say the damnedest things to you when you are noticeably pregnant. Some comments are welcome, some are meant in jest (but still sting), and some are just inappropriate or downright rude/mean-spirited.

A few examples from this past week:
Nicest thing someone said to me: "Look at your belly - you look fabulous!" (thanks Stephanie)
Meanest thing someone said to me: "Hey Kat, you're getting really fat!" (thanks big jerk)
Most inappropriate question asked: "So, are your boobs getting really big?") (thanks pseudo-dad, you friggin' weirdo)

And if you can believe it, those are just the tip of the iceberg QUITE RLY!.


  1. Anonymous8:44 a.m.

    Aww honey...I'm sorry people say dumb things to preggos. I think yer hot! (and you better stay away from me right now, since I am so deprived that even girls are starting to look good to me)

    But thinking back to the Jurassic era, (I hear they do it differently now), I remember being 9 or 10 days overdue and thinking, "If one more person says, 'Haven't you had that baby yet?', I am seriously going to deliver in PRISON." Because I would be awaiting my trial for their MURDER.

    Just point out to the non-PG and insensitive all of their PERMANENT flaws with a cheery smile and a fertile glow...because you couldn't be more gorgeous.

    A. xx

  2. Anonymous10:48 p.m.

    A.xx, could we get together soon and smack a few of these arseholes who are making my Katrina sad? If I have to come back there to do it, I will. It will be ugly; I promise.


  3. Now ordinarily I have a policy against explaining my humour. However in this I am being maligned publicly.

    Both you and Steph seemed to take that joke like I was saying you were actually fat. See if you were simply overweight then yes what I said would have been mean and harsh but you see it's funny because I'm acting like your belly is as a result of eating hohos and not because you have a human being growing there. The humour lies in my obliviousness.

    Sheeesh. You are lovely, you were lovely, you are lovely now and shall remain so well into your eighties when men are chasing you around the shuffleboard table. :-)

  4. Thank you Alex :)

    I knew you were kidding, but as a sensitive pregnant lady, I reserve the right to call you on the carpet. Consider it training for when you have a preggo partner.