Tuesday, February 21, 2006

McDreamy vs. McSteamy.

Girl on girl hawtness for GeorgeGoodness, Grey's Anatomy sure is going hard on the cliff hangers (you had me at hello!). Let's see, since the infamous Superbowl Shower Scene show, they have ended with Meredith holding a bazooka in some dude's chest, had one action packed bomb exploding extravaganza (with a baby to boot), and now we are left with Meredith peeling George's clothes off him? Wowza. Doesn't take much to get that girl on her back (whachoosay!). My main thoughts about this week's show include:

- McSteamy looked like an older, beefier, hawter version of Leonardo DiCaprio - and if I were Madison, I wouldn't stick around waiting for Derek to forgive my cheatin' ass, I'd be back in NYC with McSteamy who actually loves me and wants me

- I loved the Preston and Cristina dancing scene (nice ipod advertisement...), but I loved it even more when Preston gave her the "I am Preston Burke speech". He is so fine...especially when he is acting all indignant and put upon

- I am still in shock about Meredith gettin' jiggy with George, she is going to break his heart and make things super awkward at work. I think she was so sad from seeing her father she let George's promise of never leaving her win her over, but man, this is going to be some drama...brings to mind the phrase "don't shit where you eat" as in, don't bring the craziness into your household or your workplace Meredith!
Not quite as hawt...sorry George
Okay, now that I got THAT out of my system -

Up until yesterday morning, I thought that Scott and I had decided to have the little guy circumcised. Mind you, I have always felt the decision was Scott's to make (what do I know about having a penis?). The only opinion I offered was from a "aesthetics" point of view (which is biased because it's all I know), and also the fact that with part of my family being Jewish, most of the men I am related to have in fact been "cut" for religious reasons.

Well, let me tell you, Scott went and done changed his mind! Seems like Scott did some reading (damn internet) and found out that not only is there no proof that circumcision has any medical benefits, but the rate of circumcision in Canada has been dropping steadily in the past ten years. In fact, in 2003, only 12 - 13% of baby boys in Canada were circumcised. I was a bit surprised that this issue was back on the table, so I emailed my best friend Jennifer, asking her what Lisa, her boss at Octopus had done (she is known to be informed in the matters of childbirth and little boys). I promptly received the following email from her:

Lisa says Elliot is not circumcised and this is why:

1. She says, "My friends all had boys and only one of them circumcised her kid and she said it was the worst day of her life. You've spent nine months making this perfect baby and then you cut his skin off."

2. The arguments for circumcision usually go like this: a) it's cleaner, fewer infections - this is not true, no one I or Lisa knows with an uncircumcised child has ever had any trouble. b) his penis should look like his Dad's so he doesn't feel weird - Lisa says, "By the time his penis looks at all like his dad's he's going to be too old to be looking at his Dad's penis anyway."

3. Basically Lisa says there's just no good reason to do it.

And you're right, it is getting to be less and less common as the years go by. No one's going to be laughing at your little boy's penis in the locker room. Like you said, most little boys are uncircumcised these days.

Whew. That's a lot of penis talk for one e-mail.

She's right...that is a lot of penis talk! I'm not really looking for anyone else's opinion on the matter, but if you'd like to comment, feel free.

By the way - I am 31 weeks today (9 more to go!).


  1. Anonymous10:58 p.m.

    Thanks Mr. Pope,

    If you ever get a chance, download from a torrent site the Season 3 , Episode 1 of Penn and Teller's Bullshit. Circumcision...Bullshit. After I saw that little boy's chin chin (penis in Japanese) cut off and watching him go into nerual shock, I went into neural shock. No different than female genital mutilation. No different. And to think for centuries we have been cutting our penis's to reduce our masturbatory habits. Sorry Mr. Pope 13th century tactics won't work anymore.

  2. I don't know a dang about Grey's Anatomy... I will have to go to my torrent sites and download it (that's how I've caught up with ER and stuff... damn I LOVE Sharif Atkins!)

    I want to know what's up with that pic...why is that chick's face all cut up? And why do they have her under the shower? Are they baptising her or something?
    Is this some flaky, artsy-fartsy show? Or is it actual real people with real problems? There's Black folks on the show, right?

  3. Oh Solitaire! You make me laugh :) To put your mind at ease, yes, there are black folks on Grey's Anatomy (including the v. fine Dr. Preston Burke) And it's more soap opera than artsy-fartsy.

    The whole circumcision issue is very complex and very personal. When I was expecting we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so the decision had to made regardless of the fact that she was, well, a she. I have never actually seen an "uncut one" and because I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood I pretty much figured that every baby boy had it done. We informed the doctor that we would go ahead with the procedure if the baby was a boy, but I have since read a lot more on the subject and I would definitely consider forgoing it should the matter arise again (also no pun intended).

  4. Anonymous11:32 a.m.

    Stuffing - :o)

    Thanks for answering my questions. I'm not really a soap opera fan, but as Miss Katress said, it's a well-written show. I guess I should check it out. While we're at it... I've never watched "Lost" (collective gasp from audience!)

    I must download a few eps to see this Dr. Burke. Ha ha ha!

    I still want to know why the chick's face is all cut up. It looks painful.

  5. Soli - she is all cut up because a bazooka exploded and she got hit with flying debris. They are cleaning her up.

    dayment - lol - Scott told me my blog wasn't clear about which way he decided. Just so you know, he has decided against it, so no snip snip for our little guy.

  6. Anonymous7:37 p.m.

    I weigh in against the circumcision. It's outdated, unnecessary and I believe it is traumatizing, though it is done at such an early age few men remember the incident. I have friends with uncircumcised sons - no hygiene problems. We bathe regularly, unlike centuries ago, so that argument doesn't hold water. I am childless, but if I had a son, I'd fight to leave him intact. I'm a nice Jewish girl, but no bris for any son of mine, please.