Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stop looking at my ve-jay-jay!

Hey - happy valentine's day! I know that I have been complaining a lot lately (and rightly so), but I do want to take a few minutes to be positive. Then I will return to my regularly scheduled pregnancy symptoms (the peeing, the hiccuping baby in my belly, the fact that I haven't seen my toes in a while...).

Scott, who does not especially care for Valentine's day, bought me roses on Saturday. I consider this Valentine's day in advance. He considers this fiscally responsible. I appreciate flowers on any day, so I am not about to complain. Yesterday, I received a wonderful package from my mom, full of brand new baby clothes for the little guy. He is going to be one stylin' little baby. He got a sweater set (with matching booties and hat), designer Coccoli onesies, wee little t-shirt and pants sets (one that is special for Canada Day), and a little striped set of pyjamas from Old Navy that would break your heart. I think that he will look like a little jailbird when he wears that in his crib.

Tonight we are picking up Thai takeout for dinner. I have already bought our favourite Valentine's day dessert - Love Potion #31 (white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with heart shaped raspberry filled cups and chocolate chips). I imagine we will exchange gifts, at least, I know I have a gift for Scott. And by then it will be 9pm and I will need to go to bed so I don't fall over. Ah yes, an exciting, lusty life at 30 weeks pregnant. Only 10 (or so) weeks to go!

Onto the other love of my life - Grey's Anatomy. Did you see the show on Sunday? Holy crap! I was on pins and needles for the entire show. Also, how relieved was I that it was only 10:45pm when that bazooka blew up and knocked Meredith on her ass? I would have hit the ceiling if it had been the end of the show, only to be left hanging for another week. I was disappointed with the whole Derek stopping by her house to see her and the whole "you almost died today" conversation. What he should have said was "when I thought I lost you I realized I have made the wrong decision by staying with Madison and I want to be with you". And then he should have taken her in his arms and kissed her, and then carried her to bed to make sweet sweet love to her little fishstick frame. But the writers want to torture me, and so they keep the lackluster Madison around and we have to be happy with Izzy getting it on (being a "doer") with Alex in the broom closet. Le sigh. Best part of the show - when Dr.Bailey was in labour and George looked up at the mirror and told her the baby was crowing and had a lot of hair and she yelled "Stop looking at my ve-jay-jay". Loller skates!


  1. Damn Valentines Day to hell!! (Yeah, I'm still bitter. Ain't nothing changed).

    Happy 43 Below Day!! (Well, at least over here it is!)


  2. I missed Grey's Anatomy because I was out at a show, and would totally have stayed home that night if I had thought for a moment about what was on t.v. Pleaassee if you have a sec. give me some more info about what I missed?! Did Dr. Bailey's husband make it? What did she have? And I can't believe Derek didn't have that conversation with Meredith! I can't believe I missed it all!
    Thanks, and I hope you're feeling rested and well! I remember very well the fatigue and discomfort. I couldn't have made it without my body pillow!

  3. was watching a re-run of CSI yesterday and the actress that portarys Addison was on ... as a she-male. hmmmm ... just had to share.

  4. miss misse - Bailey's husband did survive (though he almost croaked on the operating table...very dramatic moment!)

    She had a boy, the middle name is George.

    After Meredith pulled the bazooka out of dumbass's chest, she handed it off to the bomb squad guy so that Burke could perform surgery on the bombmaking idiot. The bomb squad guy got blown to bits while walking down the hallway with the bazooka, Meredith got sprayed with his blood and guts, and hit the floor, but was okay.

    Izzy and Alex had the sex 2x.

    Christina told Burke she loved him too (but he was asleep).

    Derek stopped by Meredith's house but was a total pussy and I almost threw my remote through my TV screen.

    Miss Information - totally agree with you - Meredith needs to eat like 10 burgers.