Tuesday, February 28, 2006

32 weeks and counting.

Cake!!!With only 8 weeks to go until the little guy's due date, I gotta say, I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. We picked up the nursery furniture on Saturday (despite The Bay's best efforts to make that impossible...long boring story) and Jennifer also came to Oakville for the weekend to co-host my baby shower with Stephanie. Jennifer and I got in a day full of girl fun (aka "things Scott won't do with me") which included Japanese food at Sushi Niwa, (where I apparently mortified the woman sitting behind us with talk of circumcision and regaling the details of recent attempts at being intimate where I broke into tears exclaiming "I feel like a beached whale"). We also went to H & M, rented "In Her Shoes", caught up on gossip, all things baby, and Jennifer's new book. Lucky for Scott, he escaped this by going away for a night of male bonding with his buddies which involved copious amounts of beer, poker, and chest thumping. I think he feels like he better get his fill before he officially becomes a dad and his life ends. Funny how men and women prepare for parenthood different. Me, I am researching nursing pillows and getting the carpets cleaned. Scott, not so much.
Standing room only...So, the shower. Ahh, the shower. It was wonderful! Stephanie appeared at our house around 11:30am with Shane and Charlotte in tow, arms laden with decorations and cake and punch ingredients. She and Jennifer went to work and decorated (crazy Monkey theme!) and got the house ready. Scott reappeared from his man cave excursion to pick up our Toronto friends from the GO station (bloggers Adam, Chris and Lulu, non-blogger Karem). Shane entertained Charlotte and helped move heavy things. And then people started arriving. Our little house filled up quickly with friends and presents.

Best shoes evah!We were completely spoiled (gifts included everything from a breast pump, baby bath and ducky towel set, lots of super cute and stylin' clothes, books (that crinkle!), albums, designer diaperbag, robeez shoes, diapering essentials and nipple cream (gasp!). And there was cake - have I mentioned my love of cake? Also, Stephanie made this super yummy punch that had pineapple juice and raspberries and it was terrific. Almost made me not miss wine. Almost. Scott and I are very blessed to have such wonderful supportive friends.

Yesterday we had another ultrasound to check out the little guy. We confirmed that he is still a he. His heartbeat (156 beats per minute!) is strong, and he weighs about 4 pounds (so we are on track for a 7 poundish baby). Good stuff. We saw him wiggle his eyebrows, and he waved his fingers at us. He is officially in "head down" position, which my sad little flattened bladder can attest to. So now we wait while he cooks a bit longer. This weekend we have baby classes on Saturday and Sunday where we will learn baby things. Not sure exactly what - I hear tell of things like bathing your baby, burping your baby, and we were told to bring 2 pillows and a blanket, which sounds a bit ominous, if you ask me. What have we gotten ourselves into?


  1. Sounds like the shower was a blast! I can't believe the arrival is coming up so soon! I noticed the pic you posted of the Robies shoes - they are excellent. I just sent a pair with sharks on them to the nephew who turns 1 on Monday - where did the year go!

  2. The shower was fantastic. Thank you Jennifer and Stephanie for a great day. Thank you Scott and Katrina for getting preggo and finally giving me a reason to get Robeez shoes for someone. (I will secretly by a pair and store them for little Clementine, should it ever happen.) Is that weird?

  3. I'm so glad the shower was a success! Neither Jennifer or I are experienced 'shower throwers' so we were a touch nervous at first. However, wherever there is cake good times are sure to follow! It was so much fun to see all the wee baby boy outfits and hang out with all your friends.

  4. In Asian communities, abortions were performed with pineapples. Please don't eat or drink pineapples in any form or I will have vivid and politically incorrect images in my head all day long.

  5. Um....Are you completely clueless? Why on earth would you post a comment about abortion at the end of a delightful blog about punch, pregnancy and good friends.

    How about, "Congratulations on your impending arrival"? Yeesh!

    p.s. As a sidenote - I'm all about the open discussion of controversial issues but they have a time and a place and the blog of a pregnant woman is not it.

  6. Aw! Sounds like a great shower. It's good to have friends! :)

    Is his name going to be Max!? Did I know that?

  7. Anonymous2:22 p.m.

    So, if baby Max is a problem will you pawn him off on someone else like Bossa? Shame. Shame.

  8. CH - I don't think it's bad if you buy Robeez for future babies...kind of like a hope chest?

    Tila - yes, Max for "Maxwell". You never know - you could have a boy!

    stuffinghead - you and Jennifer did such a beautiful job on the shower - I am blessed to have friends like you!

    victoria - yes - Max!

    Anonymous - yes, absolutely, you stupid fucker. If my BABY is a problem, I will pawn him off on my friend Alana. I'm sure she'll be fine with that and I know she is a great mom as she already has 2 boys who are awesome.

  9. Not to worry Soli ;-) My mom is throwing a shower in May...plenty of time!

  10. ^ *sniff* Thanks. I have stuff to send, plus there's the registry.
    PLUS...I'm looking for a special Skatchywan gift for all of y'all...but not sure what. I'll think of something.