Monday, March 06, 2006

GRR ARGH. I'll take the Fishstick over the Oscars any day of the week.

Still too skinny, but kind of hawt?Was I the only one who felt super bummed that Grey's Anatomy got bumped for the Oscars last night? My Sunday night just wasn't the same. After a weekend of baby classes (more on that later), I felt like I had earned my special hour of tv on Sunday night that somehow makes it okay that Monday is only hours away and work is just around the corner. But no, instead I watched Jon Stewart's monologue (he was very good by the way), saw George Clooney win his best supporting actor Oscar for Syriana (which was the only Oscar nominated movie I saw this year anyway) and then I did exciting things like laundry. And I wrote thank you cards for all of the awesome gifts we got at the shower. But it really wasn't the same without Grey's Anatomy to look forward to.

See, after last week's episode, when Madison got the poison ivy rash all over her ve-jay-jay, and she was laughing and Derek was laughing, I kind of stopped hating her. I hate that I don't hate her anymore. GRR ARGH (more on that later). And wow, George is some kind of pussy. Dude, what did you expect to happen? You know that girl will sleep with pretty much any guy who propositions her. Get over it. And wow (again), how bad an idea is it for Derek and Miranda to start going for walks together in the morning and being "friends". How long do you think it will take before they are rolling around in the leaves? I mean, I can't wait for them to get back to having the sex, don't get me wrong. Just didn't picture it happening that way is all. Nothing wrong with a good nature(d) bonk.

So, anyway, a few months ago I signed Scott and I up for this new parents/labour/newborns class at the hospital where the little guy will be born. I figured better to get it over with in one weekend (2 days) then to drag him out once a week for 2 months. And while I was probably right, boy does sitting in an auditorium looking at spread eagle ve-jay-jays being stretched to kingdom come for 2 days get tiresome. What was good about it was seeing 20 other pregnant ladies, of all shapes and sizes and realizing, hey, I'm about normal. I'm average in the spectrum of pregnant lady size. So suck on that all you people with your comments. By Sunday afternoon Scott and I had about had our fill of slides of newborns and were ready to go home to veg (actually, Scott went to the gym, I napped). Driving out of the parking lot we saw what we both deemed to be the best license plate ever: "GRR ARGH". Damn, why didn't I think of that? That sums up most of feelings as of late to perfection. So GRR ARGH - my hips are killing me! GRR ARGH this kid has had the hiccups all day! GRR ARGH why are cribs so hard to put together?! GRR ARGH I haven't seen below my navel in months! Just GRR ARGH, okay?


  1. Grrr argh! She's too skinny! That picture makes me want to barf and not out of jealousy- out of revulsion.



  2. I love that license plate...thanks for sharing! Ha ha ha! I say those words on a daily basis, but not in that combo.

    I still don't see why folks will comment on your weight as a pregnant hotmama, and you listen and feel blah. Then again, I've never been with child (but am around a co-worker with one...whoo @ those emotions!) But you're supposed to be big, you're carrying a child, for cryin' out loud.

    Whenever somebody has a DUMB comment, yell out "bun fyah pon yuh rass" and then run away.

    Guaranteed to work or your money back.

    Hope that made you laugh
    -soli (Raptorless in Regina)

  3. Seriously. That is SKINNY - she needs some chocolate or something.

    I'm not a Grey's Anatomy watcher, but I've seen a few episodes lately that are trying to suck me in! I watch enough tv as it is with Lost, 24, and American Idol!

  4. Got caught up between my assignments and Jon Stewart's endless humor. Great blog though.

    On another note, I had a glimpse of ya snap at the raptorblog. Keep it up.

  5. Yeah, she is super skinny...hence the "fishstick" nickname.