Monday, March 27, 2006

"No need to rush baby-mama, take your time."

Before I get started, I have to tell you about one of the best things someone has said to me during my entire pregnancy. On Thursday I was waddling into a building at College and University, and I was about to cross pathes with a very big guy, so I tried to speed up to avoid getting in his way. He looked at me and smiled and said "no need to rush baby-mama, take your time". Love that. I am a baby-mama!

One of the things people keep saying to me is that I should enjoy my last few weeks of "freedom" and do things that I will likely not be able to do for a while once the little bebe is born. This makes me laugh as it is really hard to enjoy much when you can't walk, can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time, and are in general completely uncomfortable. It's not like I'm in the Bahamas sipping rum-laced girly drinks...the highlight of my day is getting home from work so I can take my socks off and put my feet up. If I'm lucky Scott will bring me a Perrier with lemon over ice. Pretty exciting stuff I tell you. With only 8 days of work left it's no wonder I'm getting excited (read impatient) to meet our baby. This morning I bemoaned that fact that it could actually be as much as 6 weeks if he is overdue, to which Scott responded, "but it could also only be 2 weeks (gulp)".
Rubbing the belly for good luck.Anyway, one thing I knew was an absolute must (in the vein of enjoying my last days of "freedom") was to get together with my girlfriends Vera and Brandie. These ladies remind me what it is like to be single, living the life in Toronto, partying all the time, up on all the latest and they are gorgeous and always hella fun. They threw my infamous bachelorette party (pre-blog days) and while there are pictures, which are scandalous, I will not be sharing them with you, dear readers (okay, maybe just one - this is me on Richmond Street, completely hammered, with cops). They also gave me lingerie at my bridal shower that had more holes than fabric, and what fabric there was completely sheer or mesh (hawt!).Apparently I yelled something much ruder than CHEESE!Scott and I met up with Vera and Brandie at Young Thailand for dinner last Thursday so they could rub my belly for good luck and I could have one last meal with the lovely ladies before I officially get stranded in the burbs for a year with the little ankle biter. Vera promised me that she will come visit me and that she will not forget about me. I don't think I got that same promise out of Vera also spoiled the little guy with a Whoozit toy and a kickass Nike Basketball outfit (her goal being to brand the kid right off the bat). I'll let the branding thing slide as Vera is the cool shit and has style to spare. This after my ongoing battle to keep all things Disney out of the nursery...I figure there is no need to market to a baby straight out of the womb...the exposure to all things Barney will happen soon enough, right?


  1. Good luck trying to keep uncle Walt out of the house. He's part of the atmosphere now.

  2. I know, but I can try for at least the first few months ;-)

  3. If anybody called me a 'baby mama', I'd kick them in the box.

    Then again, it's a totally different thing to me and the sisters.

  4. hey, hey, Ms. K

    were you amused by Hippos Go Berserk? just wanted to drop a quick note and say it was great to see you and you look amazing. I read on with bated breath.


  5. 'col - it was great to see you too! I put the book down to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, it was gone - I guess someone put it away? Then I couldn't find it, so I'll have to come back for it. :-)

  6. Glad to hear I am not the only one trying to stay away from the commercial toys :-)

    I do work a desk job - 5 days to go! I don't know how you are doing it, being on your feet all day, that's a tough one. Looks like you are pretty fit though, hopefully that will help you make it through to the end!