Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Woke up this mornin', got yourself a gun.

Is he ringing her neck or loving her up?  You never know with Tony.I had to laugh this morning when I was reading Tina's blog about watching The Sopranos. First off, I'm glad that there is someone else who is as hooked in as me. I friggin' love movies and tv shows about the mob. Love. Them. Not sure why, I mean, I don't typically dig on gore and violence and misogynistic men. But I can't get enough of The Sopranos. There I was on Sunday night, settled into bed with this huge baby bump eagerly awaiting the season premiere. Scott will tell you it was all I could talk about all weekend, and I even shut off the ringer on the phone lest I be interrupted.

My favourite parts of Sunday night's premiere included:

- Tony and Carmela's new favourite dinner spot is a sushi restaurant (how cultured)
- hearing Carmela say "Porsha Kai-anne" in her Jersey accent. So classy!
- wondering how they get Gene to hang himself and look so convincing without actually hanging the actor?
- seeing Uncle Junior shoot Tony and then go hide in the closet - what a way to end the show! Holy crap!

The Sopranos almost made up for Grey's Anatomy being such a dud. Bor-ing. I don't think anybody had the sex all episode? How disappointing. Thank gawd American Idol is down the 12 singers. Now that they have skimmed off the non-talent I can start watching and giving my weekly review. For the next 6 weeks anyway, until the little guy arrives and MY LIFE CHANGES FOREVER. I'm not scared. I'm not overwhelmed. Not me. Not at all.


  1. Perhaps the charm lies in the fact that the mob is pretty much like every other dysfunctional family. Even the amount of swearing is largely identical.

  2. I had to scroll down quick, avoiding this post at all costs.

    See, I'm a fan as well (can you believe it?)

    I haven't seen the 5th season yet. So I was HIGHLY VEXED when CNN American Morning RUINED IT FOR ME, telling me Tony got shot. I'm so angry I could throw something.

    In fact, I will.

    Hey Kat! I got promoted! :D